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10 Cleavage boosting bras up for grabs


Cleavage Month

You’ll probably know by now that it’s Cleavage Month here at Debenhams – we’re celebrating the little helping hand that is a brilliantly-fitting, cleavage-enhancing bra!

Debenhams stores up and down the country are taking part in events with the help of Ultimo, Atlantis and Wonderbra… and now we’re giving you the chance to win from the comfort of your own armchair/desk/twitter app…

We have ten cleavage boosting bras up for grabs – all you have to do is tweet @debenhamsretail with your embarrassing bra-stuffing stories. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever used to pad out your bra? Maybe you had nothing else to hand, and you thought some toilet paper would do? Did it end in disaster?!

The ten funniest stories win! Make sure to tag it #DebenhamsCleavage so that we see it – good luck… we can’t wait to read them!

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  • S Kelly

    Not being blessed in the upstairs cleavage department, I was overjoyed at the success of my gel filled bra pads aka. my push me out and bulk me up, chicken fillets! I threw on a dress with an all time low plunge neck and headed out to dance the night away with my new breast friends!

    After far too many glasses of wine, I felt I should share the joy of my new assets with the pub and proceeded to yell “who wants to see my baps?!” At which point a throng of men approached only to be handed what looked like a jelly pudding!

  • maria woolley

    Iv’e never needed to stuff my bra as iv’e been quite happy with my size, but i’m now 48 and everythings going south and i need an uplift. Please help with one of your bras or i might get up one morning and find them resting on my feet.

    I have an embarrassing bra story.

    My washing machine wasn’t working on the spin cycle and kept leaving the water in after the wash had finished but the washer had a mechanism so i couldn’t get the door open. I called the engineer out to come and fix it. He shouted me (as i was in the next room) I got up and went into the kitchen, ‘ iv’e found the culprit that’s stopped your washer from working, it was stuck in the pump’, to which he started waving the underwire from my bra, i went bright red, i was so embarrased, then he looked at it and said it was about my size.

  • Margaret Gibbins

    A good few years ago, before the advent of gel pads, I set out on a hot date with my bra stuffed with tights. Afterwards he came in for a coffee, and, put his arms round my shoulders…. only to say “What’s this”!! Unbeknown to me, the tights has shifted round my body and created a hump on my back. How do you explain that on a first date? (Last date)