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Facebook takeover: Marios Schwab


Marios Schwab

Designer Marios Schwab took over our Facebook page yesterday for a live Q&A session – to celebrate his debut collection for Edition. Here’s what he had to say, and what we discovered… 

FB: Hi Marios. What would you say was your inspiration for your collection at Debenhams?
MS: I gathered key statements and signature elements of my Marios Schwab mainline and tried to emphasise on a more up-to-date and easy-to-wear capsule collection, whilst keeping it different from what is available.

FB: I see you use a lot of embroidery on your clothes. I cross-stitch, does that mean 2013 will be very ‘stitchie’? 
MS: I love embellishments and I like to take it a step forward. This season I like the layering aspect of hide and revealing accents of sparkle. I guess it is going to be sparkly in 2013!

FB: What inspired you for the collection and which of the big designers do you think your work is closest to?
MS: Usually I take inspiration from my main line. Marios Schwab is well known for great detailing and an ace dress that is seductive but at the same time demure and sophisticated. I love fashion and there are so many iconic women that have created their own look. I generally think that is a good source of inspiration.

FB: Are you actively involved with these designs and are they your own personal creation?
MS: Always! I am too much of a control freak to leave my collection to be designed by someone else!

FB: I want to update my wardrobe. What looks do you think are must haves for this winter?
You must have a great coat. I love a big collar, with a more slimline fit.

FB: Hi what type of clothing do you have for a fuller figure woman?
MS: I think fashion is a matter of confidence too, I think whatever your body shape, it is all about personality and how you carry a garment. All the dresses in my Edition range are available up to a size 18. Here is the range >> http://bit.ly/RuLc5L

FB: All we see in papers and news is focus on size 6 models and shapes. Do you feel that this will change in the future and, as fashion is an interpenetration of the common man, will designs ever be focused on more of the shapes that represent the mass market? And why are designers always focusing on size 6 models?
MS: That is a big question mark. I would also like to know why I can’t find curvaceous models among all the agencies I work with. Marios Schwab garments are designed and inspired with curves in mind.

FB: Hello! are you half Greek? 
MS: Yes I am a proud half Greek!
FB: Hurray for Greek designers! Will Greeks be able to buy online? Do Debenhams deliver to Greece?
MS: Unfortunately Debenhams don’t deliver to Greece yet, but they are always looking to expand the companies they deliver to so hopefully this will come in the future. There are Debenhams stores in Cyprus, which is quite nearby.

FB: I wish I had curves, but am a petite girl myself. The problem I have is the length on my trousers and dresses being too long. I know what will suit me by just looking at it, but length is a big struggle as I dont wear heels any more. How do you keep a balance so the range can be aimed at different heights of customers?
MS: I generally adore petite shapes. I know it is an issue because of the nape to waist measurement. Sometimes dresses are created, in mind, for this proportion to be easily changed by shortening the upper part of the dress. One of my favourite girls I have ever dressed is Kylie. Her proportions are very petite and challenging, but always beautiful to work with.

FB: Hi Marios, what are your plans for the spring/summer collection?
MS: We are looking more into separates, great day wear looks among more occasion and red carpet looks.

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