A Fabulous New You


The countdown to the New Year is here and now’s the time to get revamp your make up bag and upgrade your beauty regime. Here’s a rundown of my top beauty resolutions…

Clear out your make up bag
Go through your make up bag and toss out anything that has been there for over a year. However, mascaras have a much shorter shelf-life and should be discarded after 3 months. When you’ve made some room the fun can begin. As well as opting for the latest beauty products also look out for multi-taskers, for instance:

Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream – a classic all rounder that works as a skin protectant. It can also be used on lips, nails and even the tips of hair to relieve dryness.

Benefit’s Benetint – A cheek stain that looks great on lips too.

Wash those brushes
It’s wise to wash your brushes as regularly as possible but it’s easy to forget when you’re busy, busy, busy. But, it is the New Year so give them a was with mild soap and water.
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Take time to moisturise – properly
We all moisturise our faces but it’s just as important to give the same treatment to other areas of your body. When moisturising always massage some cream into your neck. Keep a lip balm and hand cream with you too, especially in winter when lips and hands feel extra dry and flakey. And don’t forget to look after your body. The cold weather and heat from radiators can make skin feel tight, dry and itchy. Moisuturise twice daily to feed and nourish your skin. For even more effective results apply a serum under your moisturiser and look out for anti-ageing moisturisers with lifting and firming benefits.
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Discover the power of an eye cream
If you don’t use an eye cream, nows the time to invest. There have been many debates surrounding eye creams, do they or don’t they work? But, an eye cream is a skincare saviour and will fast become your ‘cant live without’ for reducing dark circles, minimising fine lines and brightening up the eye area.
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I must, I must, I must – wash off my make up before going to bed
Make this your must-keep beauty rule for the New Year. It’s easy to forget especially after a late night but I cannot stress enough how important it is to remember this step. Leaving make up on all night can result in blocked pores, spots and blackheads. Your ideal routine in the morning and just before you go to bed is cleanse, tone, apply serum, eye cream and then moisturise. Might seem a chore but believe me you, the results are ah-ma-zi-ng.
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Invest in some ‘you-time’
Have a few hours a week (or more if you can) to pamper yourself. Run a long hot bath, give yourself a manicure and pedicure, exfoliate and give yourself a facial. You’ll feel totally refreshed, re-energized and revitalised.

Be SPF savvy
As well as a powerful moisturiser and sun cream you should also look out for make up containing SPF. UV radiation is one of the main factors that causes the skin to age. Melanocytes—melanin-producing cells—begin to burn out when you reach your late thirties and forties, making it more difficult for your skin to fight sun damage. Normal day to day living also exposes your skin to a variety of pollutants and exposes it to free radicals that can cause wrinkles, bumps, irritation and inflammation. Therefore, it’s important to use beauty products that protect the skin and keep it looking younger and healthier for longer.

Experiment more
It’s easy to get into a beauty rut, everyday the same routine and the same blusher or lippy. This year give yourself a ‘beauty dare’ and experiment with new colours, wider product ranges and even different brands.

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Here’s to a happy New Year and a fabulous New You. See you all in 2012

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