Bath, bed and beyond…


So it’s the New Year and it’s time to detox so they say.
I’m not a huge fan of the word detox, it makes me feel guilty about enjoying myself over the xmas holidays. So I like to call this time of year ‘Metox’ time which simply means taking time out for you to enjoy some well-deserved ATP (Alone Time Pampering).

Exfoliate and exterminate dead skin
First thing’s first. A combination of cold and late nights can create havoc on your skin. Dry patches appear, skin feels dull and has an all-over lacklustre look so it’s time to bring out the big beauty guns – the exfoliators for the face and body. I always opt for gentle face exfoliators as they are less harsh and kinder to the skin’s surface. For the body use a dry brush to swipe away the dead skin. Then have a quick shower and buff the skin in a circular motion using a body exfoliator.
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Relax with a mask on
Get spa-treatment results from the comfort of your own home with a face mask. Apply generously to all areas of the face and let the specially formulated ingredients work their magic whilst you sit back and relax. Whether it’s restoring and repairing or hydrating and moisturising, there’s a face mask to help combat all your skin concerns.
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Bathe in hot waters
You can’t beat bathtimes for an instant pick-me-up. From bath salts, therapeutic crystals, bath foams and creamy bubbles you can now bathe in some of the most body-friendly, body loving saviours that help to smoothe, hydrate and refresh.
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Moisturise body, face, hands & feet
Once you’ve exfoliated, prepped and primed the skin you’re ready to moisturise. For the face use a moisturiser that targets skin dryness by deeply hydrating. Don’t forget to moisturise the sides of the nose, temples, chin and neck. Next apply generous amounts of body lotion and creams and massage into your body using a circular motion. Don’t forget to moisturise the backs of the knees and elbows.
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Snooze the night away
Now you’re feeling all refreshed it’s time for an early night. But, just before you go apply a powerful eye serum and night cream and wake up feeling like a brand new you.

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