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Top-to-toe glamour

26 OCT 2010 08:54

Girls, it’s party season and to help you look your best, simply head to Filthy Gorgeous in Debenhams London Oxford Street or →


Winter skin – cool solutions

24 OCT 2010 21:00

So I’ve been t’up North all weekend and boy was it c-c-o-o-l-l-dd. Just after one day I had to up- →


Guest Editor Kate Shapland on… Dry skin management

22 OCT 2010 07:13

I talked about managing oily skin in my last blog post.  Traditionally though this is the time of year when →


Beauty video tutorial – How to apply gel eyeliner

21 OCT 2010 09:47

Discover how to apply gel eyeliner easily and effectively with Makeup Artist Nathalie Eleni.


The power of non surgical fillers

19 OCT 2010 08:34

At lunch with the girl’s the conversation steered from boy trouble to fine lines and wrinkles. I’m sure half of →

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Nail your nail care

18 OCT 2010 12:05

Part of my Sunday night regime after gentle exfoliation, eyebrow grooming, face pack and moisturising is nail care. Perfectly polished →


Guest Editor Kate Shapland on…Oily skin management

15 OCT 2010 09:59

People tend to look at me oddly when I mention primers – I can see them thinking ‘what’s she talking →


Beauty video tutorial – Red Lips

13 OCT 2010 15:59

Discover how to get perfect red lips with Makeup Artist Nathalie Eleni. Watch more videos on Debenhams TV