Celebrate 20 years of Touche Éclat


Touche Éclat has lots to celebrate. Not only is it the UK’s no.1 luxury beauty product but it recently won ‘Best Concealer’ in our Beauty Club Awards and is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary by designing a special Collector’s Edition pen inspired by YSL’s head designer, Stefano Pilati’s latest jewellery collection.

The pen is adorned with gold rings creating a couture-like accessory illustration.

Available in full and half shades to suit every skintone this iconic pen adds instant light, luminosity and radiance with just one click.

Application tips:
1) Awaken your complexion
– Apply  Touche Éclat to the darker areas of your face; underneath your eyes, at the sides of your nose, corner of your mouth and the hollow of your chin. You can also use it to revive your make up and with a cotton swab to erase mistakes when appling lip pencil or lipstick.

2) Sculpt the light – Use Touche Éclat on the middle of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, the point of your chin and above your cheekbones.

3) Refresh your eyes – Move the brush over your eyelids, the arch of your brow and the inner corner of your eye.

4) Enhance your smile - Use Touche Éclat along the edge of your lips to shape them and add a touch to your cupids bow to make them look fuller.

Plus, as it was voted Best Concealer in our Beauty Club Awards you can now save 10%.


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