Debenhams Exclusive – New Dior Addict Gloss


For 2013, Dior has a new manifesto: ‘Colour. Every single colour’.

24 colours and 3 stunning effects create this exciting new range of Dior Addict Gloss lip colour that are available exclusively to Debenhams.

The magic formula provides lips with incredible shine, and plumps and hydrates for a full lipped effect that is bound to turn heads.

Each colour and effect allows you to create a look that’s totally new and totally you. The variety of gloss allows you to experiment with the latest trends, create your own style statement or to accessorise your carefully constructed look, just as you would with a statement scarf or new handbag. The choice of gloss allows you to ‘Be Iconic’.

The following effects have been designed to give you an original choice of lip colour.

The Shimmer effect: a star effect that accentuates the mirror shine of Dior Addict Gloss with stylish, glittering appeal. Creating a stylish tailored shine for your lips; glitter is carefully chosen to match the gloss.

The Pearly effect: extremely fine mother-of-pearl particles bathe the lips in a soft intensity, giving you a subtle light gloss look

The Pure effect: like a shot of pigment; from the milkiest nudes to the most avant-garde lacquers. Varying shades and effects create a more voluptuous and iconic French Kiss look.

So whatever your style manifesto; Dior Addict Lip Gloss has the perfect shade and shine to be your new must have fashion accessory.

I caught up with Head Make up Artist, Jamie Coombes (pictured above) who talked to me about the new collection of lipglosses.

Sarah Sian: What makes Dior Addict Gloss stand out from any other brand?
Jamie Coombes: The sexy heritage- it gives an instant feel good factor and is suitable for all ages.  It’s both feminine and wearable and offers a collection of pretty colours taking you from day to night.

Sarah Sian: What are your best application tips?
Jamie Coombes: Dab the gloss with your fingers so you don’t overload the lips – this gives a longer wearing result.

Sarah Sian: Lipstick v’s Gloss – what are the benefits for each?
Jamie Coombes: Lipstick is longer wearing and offers colour intensity. Glosses are an instant fix of sheer colour. It’s quick and easy.

Sarah Sian: Run us through a perfect gloss look from foundation through to blush and gloss…
Jamie Coombes: Prepare your skin with the perfect skincare using One Essential. Mix skinflash primer in with your moisturiser and massage over your complexion.

For a quick and easy veil of perfection, apply Nude foundation with a foundation brush to the centre of the face working it outwards. Apply Nude concealer around the eye area and the lid with an eye shadow brush as this will absorb any excess oils resulting in longer wearing eye makeup.

Follow on from this with a mono colour of your choice, depending on your day or night look.

Use the Dior art pen along the lash line, lash maximiser from the root to tip of the lashes followed by New Look mascara in black. A little touch of highlighter in the inside corner of the eye will add a touch of light. Brush your brows into shape and shade in if needed.

Complexion is then enhanced with a touch of Rosy Glow blusher on the apple of the cheek. Skinflash can be applied to the bridge of the nose and top of the cheek, bow of the lip and chin and lightly pat this in with your ring finger.

Prep the lips with universal liner followed with Dior Addict Extreme lipstick then layer this with the new Dior addict lip gloss in Delice.

Finally, go over the shiny areas of the complexion with Dior Nude powder. Spray Dior Addict Eau Sensuelle Eau de Toilette and add a touch of glamour on the nails with the Dior Addict Delice nail lacquer (coming soon).

Sarah Sian: What gloss shades from the new range best suit fair/medium and dark skin types?
Jamie Coombes: I think the gloss shades will suit anyone depending on their style. Nudey/pink shades suit all skin colours for the daytime. Hot reds are good for a night time look for blondes and redheads. For the brunettes you’ve got the light pinky mauves, corals for the day, going down to the sparkly reds and pinks for the evening.

The new Dior Addict Lip Gloss collection is available to buy now exclusively at Debenhams.

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