Elemis to the Rescue


Our Menswear Editor, Mark Applin gives his review on the SOS Survival Cream, Time Defence Eye Reviver and Men’s Post Shave Recovery Mask by Elemis. Here’s what he has to say…

Whether we like to admit it or not, men are concerned about their skin, its condition and the best way to keep in tip-top form.

So I jumped at the chance to test the Time For Men range from Elemis.

I was given the Men’s SOS Survival Cream, Time Defence Eye Reviver and the Men’s Post Shave Recovery Mask.

The Survival Cream is formulated as a high performance, daily skin moisturiser to deal with sensitivity, irritation, dryness and blemishes.

As much as I loathe to admit it, this fits me to a tee.

The formula of marine extracts, Lavender and Myrrh set about soothing my problem areas, which are just below the eyes, and left my skin hydrated, comfortable and smelling rather lovely. I used it every day before work. Then before and after my own training runs outdoors.

I really noticed the difference, especially on days when I forgot to apply it in the morning.

The Time Defence Eye Reviver was the product I was most interested in. It’s an anti-ageing men’s eye cream which is proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to 37 per cent.

Now, I can’t calculate whether it did this or not. What I do know is that the wrinkles under my eyes were noticeable reduced and my eyes looked ‘fresher’ too – a point that several work colleagues and friends made.

The final product I tried was the impressive Men’s Post Shave Recovery Mask. In short, this Elemis mask is excellent. It decongests the skin by drawing out grime and impurities – and underneath my beard I have plenty. Fast-absorbing Macadamia oil moisturises the skin while Lavender and Rosemary help accelerate the repair of blemishes, shaving nicks and burns.

Using this was a very refreshing process. It calmed my skin after shaving and I noticed it took less time to get back to ‘looking’ normal.

I will certainly be going back to these Elemis products. Friends and colleagues have already enquired about where they can get some after hearing my thoughts.

It’s a quality product which produces the results it promises. That’s all we want.

Top tips:

-       Follow the instructions. If it says use a tiny amount, then do so. I didn’t think a small amount of the post shave recovery mask was enough. It was and I wasted two days worth of product.

-       Add 20 minutes to you morning and evening bathroom routine. If you want positive results, then give yourself the time to apply the products correctly. There’s no room for cutting corners.

-       Using the SOS Survival Cream every morning and every night will give you the best results.  I noticed smoother skin with less irritation after only a few days.

-       The Time Defence Eye Reviver needs to be respected. Don’t use too much but use as directed. I noticed lighter lines beneath my eyes and they appeared less tired to my colleagues.

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