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If you want to know all about skincare and the best kept anti-ageing secrets then read my exclusive interview with Art Pellegrino, Vice President of Research and Development at Elizabeth Arden.

Sarah Sian: What causes your skin to age?
Art Pellegrino:
There’s are two main things. Firstly there’s the natural chronological body clock that causes the loss of collagen and this happens from within. Secondly, there’s external factors such as the environment including sun, smoke and pollution. If you’re concerned about natural ageing then Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide range has been specially formulated to target these concerns with CPT technology that helps to boost skin’s plumpness, firmness and vitality. If you’re concerned about pre or post environmental damage then the powerful ingredients in Prevage helps to prevent, protect and repair

SS: How do you tackle the following problems:

-       Loss of firmness

-       Dark under eye circle

-       Fine lines & Wrinkles

-       Dark spots and discolorations

AP: Loss of firmness and lines and wrinkles is due to loss of collagen and elastin. Prevage Face which contains Idebedone, a highly effective antioxidant helps to re-energise the skin so it looks firmer, less lined and smoother. It also targets discolouration and age spots. Dark circles is one of the most hardest skin concerns to treat. The area around the eye is 10 times thinner than the skin and body so needs to be fully protected especially against UV rays. That’s why Prevage eye serum with Idebedone and SPF15 is so effective. Our clinical tests showed that after using Prevage eye serum 94% of women saw brighter eyes and 89% saw a reduction of under eye dark circles.

SS: At what age do you recommend using an eye cream?
AP: I recommend using an eye cream around your late 20′s, early 30′s because the eyes are the first place you’ll see signs of ageing. The key is to take care of the eye area and treat it with a specialised eye cream, for instance the one’s in our  new Visible Difference range have been designed for each age group. Remember you wouldn’t use a body cream for the face and the same goes for the eyes, you need a specially formulated cream for this particular area.

SS: What is the perfect skincare routine?
AP: A routine that is right for you. One that addresses to suit your skin type, age and lifestyle. That’s why we’ve created the Visible Difference range as it gives women the chance to learn about skincare whether their skin is oily, normal or combination. The range is clearly coded in relation to your skin type so you know which one to use and provides you with all the essentials to complete your ideal skincare regime no matter what your age.

SS: Can you explain the power of a serum?
AP: Elizabeth Arden were one of the first pioneers of serum when we invented our Cermaide Capsules over 20 years ago. These potent capsules have high active ingredients and corrective properties that target lines and wrinkles straight after cleansing. Both the Prevage face and eye serums are also highly concentrated to give dramatic results. Serums have powerful antioxidant ingredients to give you fast results.

SS: What would you recommend using in you 20’s, 30’s 40’s 50+
Again it depends on your skin type and what results you want from your skincare. For your 20′s and 30′s Visible Difference introduces and teaches you the importance of skincare regimes. In your 40′s and 50′s if you’re looking to prevent internal ageing effect e.g. loss of firmness then Ceramide is the perfect range, alternatively for environmental damage opt for Prevage.

SS: What is your ultimate skincare must-have
AP: Ceramide Capsules that replenishes and gives skin a moisture boost or the iconic mutli-tasker 8-hour skin protectant which has a number of different uses.

SS: Talk us through the new Visible Difference range. What is it? What are the benefits?
AP: It’s a great range as it has been created using our science with the skincare knowledge we have learnt from our customers in our Red Door Spas. We’ve taken the time to really understand and pin point women’s skincare concerns whilst studying the key ingredients to target these. The range is beneficial because it has been created for every skin type at any age so introduces you to caring for your skin from as early as your 20′s.

SS: What top tips do you have for people with sensitive skin?
AP: Use Ceramide capsules as these work to soothe and replenish productivity in your skin. If your skin is sensitive you need to repair it before adding anything else to it and these capsules help you to achieve this.

SS: What are your best-kept skincare secrets?
AP: Finding a skincare regime that is right for you and choosing the products that are right for your skin type. It sounds simple but take the time to get the right advice from our experts. We have the right solution for everyone, you just need us to help you find the right one.


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