Exclusive interview with Frederic Fekkai


Frederic Fekkai is a world-renowned hair guru with 20 years industry experience and his coveted hair range is available at debenhams.com.

I was lucky enough to meet up with the master hair stylist himself for an exclusive interview at a plush London venue where he revealed some of his personal haircare tips that are just too good to miss. Here’s what he had to say…

Sarah Sian: Which celebrity hairstyle are you most proud of?
Frederic Fekkai: Myself and  my team have worked with some wonderful celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Gisele (Bundchen), Claudia Schiffer, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. For Heidi Klum we put in her bangs which looked really good and British actress Emma Thompson has been a client for years. Celebrities are under lots of scrutiny in the press and on the internet so we create styles that are very much for the moment. They’re all great clients to work with and very versatile.

SS: Where do you get your creativity from?
FF: It’s very important not to stay stale and continue to create your own trademark as a stylist. For me I look to other art forms, contemporary art, furniture, fashion designers and film. But one of my biggest sources of inspiration is the street and seeing what people themselves are creating. Hairstyles are continually evolving so it’s important that I roll out the carpet with new ideas.

Sarah: What inspired you to create your own haircare range?
FF: I first started out in the kitchen with two very inspirational women. One of them is now the nose of for fragrance in the US and the other is a leading product development professional for Estee Lauder. My aim was to create a range that elevated the customer and bring them a high quality of haircare products that was just as important to her as their luxury skincare brands and cosmetics.

Sarah: What product(s) from the range is your ‘hero(es)/can’t live without(s)? and why?
FF: Brilliant Glossing Cream, it is a multi-tasking product that instantly fixes and styles all types of hair.

Sarah: What are your top haircare styling tips?
FF: Texture management. For instance maintaining a good keeping it healthy and shiny makes all the difference. In the 80′s everyone wanted a good haircut but nowadays it’s all about looking after the texture of you hair.

Sarah: What are your tips for looking after the condition of your hair?
FF: There’s 3 important steps. Firstly, when you shower pick a shampoo that treats your hair type. Alternate your shampoo too, if you want more volume then use a volumising shampoos. it’s important to know your hair type. Also pick a good conditioner but don’t apply it to your whole hair, just to the roots. Secondly, during winter especially you hair will need volume so use mousse and hairspray correctly by applying to the scalp and to the roots as this action lifts the hair. The key then is to flip your hair forward and dry your roots first. Finally focus on the texture of your hair. If you need shine use Brilliant Glossing Cream, if you want less frizz use Silky Straight Ironless Smooth Finish Serum which acts like a raincoat to protect each strand and ensures no frizz. This serum has been specially formulated  with our own technology. Alternatively, use the new Essential Shea Tame & Style Pot (coming soon) which will tame curly hair.

Sarah: Will you be launching any new products soon? If so what and what are the benefits?
FF: We will be launching a Summer haircare range that will that gives hair a moisture boost, protection and an anti-frizz finish. Then we have the Salon Technician Highlighting Cream to protect coloured hair.

Sarah: Can you run me through a quick day time hair look?
FF: If you have curly hair don’t brush it, use Brilliant Glossing Cream or mousse and run through your hair using your fingertips, then allow hair to find it’s own shape, body and lustre. For straight hair use Silky Straight Ironless Smooth Finish Serum. When applying use both hands and work through as if your hands are like a straightening iron.

Sarah: Can you run me through a stunning night time look?
FF: For a beautiful night time look with no effort needed simply wear the hair up in a pony tail, twist it round and knot it at the back. Or, tie up half the hair and curl the ends.

Sarah: Finish the sentence … a woman looks good when….?
She is confident!

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