Exclusive interview with Thierry Wasser


(Photo: Sarah Sian – Beauty Editor with Thierry Wasser – Master perfumer)

Guerlain’s stunning new Shalimar Parfum Initial is available now in store and online.

Created by master perfumer Thierry Wasser, the new fragrance is aimed at a younger audience but still pays homage to the original.

I recently caught up with Thierry for an exclusive interview on how he developed this modern new scent and the inspiration behind it.

(Sarah) What inspired you to create this new fragrance?
(Thierry) My goddaughter, she wanted “her” Shalimar.

(S) Describe the smell? Which notes did you choose and why?

(T) It is more fresh, different but not at the opposite. I used all the Guerlain favorite ingredients such as: rose, vanilla, bergamot, iris, tonka bean

(S) Where did you go to find them?

(T) I travel all over the world to buy them; I often say that I follow the flowers!
The may rose comes from Grasse in France
Bergamot from Calabria
Vanilla from Madagascar
Tonka bean from Venezuela

(S) Were you worried about reconstructing Shalimar?
(T) I was very impressed! Shalimar is such an iconic perfume. So I was very careful.

(S) Was it hard to pay homage to the original Shalimar whilst giving it a modern twist? How did you create the balance?

(T) It was hard but also very exciting. I imagined I was Jacques Guerlain in 2011. I kept the vanilla, iris and tonka bean, and I added freshness with bergamot and hedione (which Jacques did not know!)

(S) Describe what type of girl the fragrance is for?
(T) I would say the young ones, but I do not like too much to talk about ages and gender for perfumes. I created it for a girl who is 22 but the youthfulness is also a matter of spirit, of way of life.

(S) Tell me more about the bottle and working with Jade Jagger?
(T) Jade Jagger created the bottle of Shalimar eau de parfum last year. It was really a great pleasure to work with her, as she is so nice, fun and brilliant.

(S) The fragrance targets a younger audience. Will you be creating any other new fragrances for this audience?
(T) I create what I want; it is an amazing opportunity to have this freedom! To answer your question, I can only say: perhaps!

(S) What’s your favourite note?
(T) Rose. I love it, I smell it, I eat it …..

(S) Complete the sentence – The new Shalimar Initial Parfume is…
(T) The perfume of desire.

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