Exclusive interview with Guy Cammarano for Regis


Need advice on how to tame, treat and cut curly hair? Then look no further. I caught up with the extremely talented International Creative Director for Regis, Guy Cammarano at the Regis salon in Oxford Street where he revealed some handy insider tips and tricks for getting the best results for curly hair.

International Creative Director for Regis, Guy Cammarano

Sarah Sian: Customers with curly hair find it hard to find a hairdresser that understands their hair. What advice would you give them when finding/talking to a hairdresser?

Guy Cammarano: One thing which is very important is to always get a salon consultation before getting a cut. Make sure you explain all your concerns. The right hairdresser will always look at the texture of your hair and assess the type of curls you have e.g. corkscrew or wavy before cutting. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get them to explain exactly what they will be doing.

SS: Are layers something people with curly hair shouldn’t get?
GC: Every one can have layers , it’s all about the right layering for the right hair texture. But if you blow-dry your hair straight long layers work best on curly hair.

SS: Can curly haired people have bangs?
GC: I don’t really recommended this as it will make the hair hard to control. Bangs work best on straight hair. If you have curly hair you’ll be forever trying to keep the curls straight.

SS: Can I get a perm to make my natural curl go away?
GC: Again, I don’t recommend this but there are products to help control your curl for instance in the salon we use Pure Results’ Texture Gel which helps to tame those curls.

SS: Can I use a straightener to make my hair more mangeable and blend in curls?
GC: Yes you can. First of all blow dry your hair using a paddle brush. Dry so it’s 90% dry and then use a flat iron. Twist and pull to get the wave then run your fingers through to blend. Always use a heat protectant like DESIGNLINE’s ‘Get it Pressed Flat Iron Spray’.

SS: Does a reverse bob go good with very thick curly hair?
GC: Any bob would look great on curly hair but what would matter more is getting the length right to suit you. It’s important to discuss this first with your hairdresser.

SS: Does dying corkscrew curly hair lighter loosen the curls?
GC: No it doesn’t. Dying your hair is more likely to make more frizz so after any colour it is important to use a moisture and protein treatment to maintain the natural curls.

SS: Hot, tropical climates cause hair to become curly what should you do in these circumstances?
GC: Humid climates do bring out curl and dry climates make hair look more frizzy this is why it is important to travel with the right products. I highly recommend DESIGNLINE’s ‘Frizz Free Serum High Gloss Tamer’.

SS: Do you have any suggestions for a quick hairstyle for my unruly mane?
GC: There’s a few options. Use twist rollers to create manageable waves or do a quick up-do using a variety of hair accessories.

SS: Do you know of any ways to make my tight curls looser and sexier-looking?
GC: There are different levels of relaxers that can make curly hair more controllable. Depending on the type of curl will determine the level of relaxant. Again, discuss this with your hairdresser/stylist.

SS: How can I get heat-free curls?
GC: There’s a couple of options. Leave to dry naturally and manipulate the curls by twirling around your fingers. Alternatively, use velcro rollers.

SS: How can I get more volume to the roots of my hair?
GC: The best option is to use a diffuser. A diffuser lifts and dries from the roots which in turn accentuates the curls while simultaneously adding volume.

SS: How can I get rid of the layers in my curly hair?
GC: The only way is to be patience and let the hair grow. This takes time, sometime we want things now and hair does not work along side time. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix.

SS: How can I get rid of the pyramid effect?
GC: This occurs more often with tight, corkscrew curls when the hair is one length. The key is to get strategic layers so it releases some of the weight.

SS: How can I get smoother and looser curls?
GC: Blow dry you hair using hair relaxant products. You should also use different tools like flat irons, curling tongs and heated rollers.

SS: How can I loosen my really curly hair so that it is just wavy?
GC: Relaxing it mainly. But always go to the salon for a consultation and your hairdresser/stylist can recommend products that work for the curls you have so you can achieve the results you want.

SS: How can I make my hair to adopt the natural curly look when it is dry?
GC: By simply using the right products. Curly hair lacks moisture so you need to put moisture in. I recommend using DESIGNLINE’s Moisture Shampoo keeps hair healthy and hydrated.

SS: How can I smooth my coarse and curly hair with a lot of frizz?
GC: Again by using the right product and this is why is important that you get a  consultation with your hairdresser/stylist. There are so many products and using the right one for your hair is the key to getting the best results. This can only be determined when an expert assesses your hair, curl and texture.

SS: How can I stop my hair from poofing?
GC: I would like to say yes but it’s not that simple. This all depends on how much hair and curl you have. Again our expert consultants are always on hand at any Regis salon’s in Debenhams to give you advice and recommend the right product.

SS: How can you make curly hair looser with hair curlers?
GC: Taking larger sections of the hair will make loosen the curls. Smaller sections will cause curls to become tighter.


My hair is naturally curly and I’ve always had difficulty getting the right cut. That was until now. I got a consultation with Guy in the Reigis salon in Oxford Street and all I can say is ‘it was worth it’. Guy and all the Regis experts take time in assessing your hair, texture and curl whilst explaining in detail the best options for you. So, if you’re having ‘curl-dramas’ head to your local Regis salon in participating Debenhams and enjoy a ‘happy hair day’.

To find out your nearest Regis salon in participating Debenhams’ stores please call 08445 616 161.


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