Exclusive Interview with Jessie Ware

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Here at Beauty Club Towers we were super excited to hear that British singer-songwriter Jessie Ware from South London was announced as the new global ‘tastemaker’ for ck one color cosmetics alongside celebrity make up artist Kayleen McAdams (Rachel McAdams’ sister). 

I have to say, I am extremely impressed with the choices. Both gals are uber-stylish, effortlessly flawless and make up maestros. Recently I caught up with Jessie to talk all things make up.

Sarah Sian: How does it feel to be ck one color cosmetics global tastemaker?
Jessie Ware:  
Really exciting. Calvin Klein has been such an iconic brand that I’ve been brought up by. CK One was one of the first perfumes me and my friends bought. To be working with them is a real treat, they do everything so tastefully and I think the cosmetics are so accessible to everyone, so it’s such a pleasure to be a part of it all.

SS: What are your favourite ck one products?
JW:  I love the new volumising mascara which will be out in January 2014. I also love the original ck one mascara with the twisting wand, it gives you so much control over the lashes. I’m excited to say that ck has named a lipstick after me called ‘Devotion’ which will also be out April 2014. I’m really into illuminating products so the skin illuminator works all year round for me. I use cool in the winter and warm when I’m on holiday in Mexico. I love it and it’s really easy to apply. I also really like the waxy brow pencil which is so easy to put on and the wand at the other end makes it easy to blend, a great 2-in-1 product. The 3-in-1 foundation is great too and because it does everything to give you a flawless finish and you don’t need to carry lots of products in your handbag.

SS: Describe your signature make up look? 
JW: I’ve got two. Always a strong brow and cat eye with a nude lip or I’ll do a strong lip that I’m really into at the moment and I’ll do more of a minimal eye with just mascara. So either or but always a strong brow.

SS: If you could pick one beauty look you’ve tried either on or off the stage, which would be your favourite?
JW:  I liked my look at the Mercury Awards, Sarah Reygate did a nude make up look and and Liz Taw complemented it by creating a hair style that was young and fresh yet still felt  glamorous.

SS: How does your night look differ from your day look? 
JW: In the day I like a bold lip and a bare face but when I’m going out I’ll apply more mascara and a cat eyeliner flick to make my eyes standout more.

SS: What beauty products do you keep inside your handbag?
JW:  I have the ck skin illuminator, the 3-in-1 foundation, a pair of gold hoops and definitely a phone charger.

SS: Describe your skincare routine? 
JW:  I’m very much into cleansing, toning and moisturising. It sounds simple, but these 3 steps really help to keep my skin feeling refreshed, clean and wonderfully hydrated.

SS: What advice would you give women who are afraid of wearing pops of colour? 
JW:  Bold lips are a massive trend and I do understand that it can be daunting to try. My advice would be to use the ck shine lipstick and dab it on to the lips so it becomes more of stain. This is a great place to start and as you get used to the colour you can be more confident to go stronger.

SS: Which ck one color cosmetics product can you not live without?
 It has to the ck one mascara. Even if you’re really busy a coat of mascara can instantly transform your look in an instant which is really important to me.

SS: How do you stay looking flawless when you’re on the road and travelling?
I try and eat well, drink plenty of water. Cleansing and toning is essential. I don’t like to use a lot of different products just stick to the essential cleansing, toning and moisturising steps.

SS: What has been your favourite hairstyle?
JW: I love the Brazilian Blow Dry. My favourite hairstyle that I do is a top knot because it’s just so easy. My favourite hairstyle is one that Liz Taw did on my Wildest Moments video.

SS: Can you share a few of your top make up tips or secrets?
JW: I think you should illuminate on your cheekbones, nose and cupids bow. It can brighten up anyone’s face. Don’t be too harsh with your brows, use a pencil to enhance the hair rather than over filling them.


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