Exclusive interview with Maleka, founder of MERUMAYA


Created by Maleka Dattu and Made in Britain, MERUMAYA offers a wide range of products for the face and body that will make you look and feel youthful for longer. I caught up with Maleka to find out more. 

Sarah Sian: MERUMAYA is all about Integrative skincare, explain what this exactly means?
Maleka Dattu: The Integrative Concept is unique; It prevents and perfect signs of skin ageing simultaneously. It’s never too early or to late to start. We use evidence-based active ingredients in the concentrations they were clinically trialled at for high performance results. We also envelope it all in pleasurable, luxurious formulas that delight the senses, while saving time and being gentle on your purse . We’ve selected some treatment actives that will not exacerbate any adult problem skins and we have included a signature essence blend to engage all your senses.

SS: What inspired you to create the MERUMAYA skincare brand?
MD: I was compelled to; even though it is a big risk, I could not get to my rocking chair years and not have tried to fulfill my dream.  So, after 30 years in the beauty industry in very senior executive positions for market leading brands, I wanted to create a brand that was all about the customer and offered; quality, innovation, performance, integrity, luxurious, pleasurable formula’s that are accessible to most people.

What products from your range best tackle the following problems:
- Loss of firmness
MD: Iconic Youth Serum which contains RevitElix (Echium Oil) and ten other actives in full concentration.

- dark under eye circles
MD: Intensely Youthful Eye Cream containing Eye Pro x3 which is a blend including Rhodiola Rosea.

- fine lines & wrinkles
MD: Youth Preservation Moisturiser Contains three different types of Hyularonic Acid to act on different layers in the skin.

- Dark spots and discolouration
MD: Iconic Youth Serum contains two radiance enhancing ingredients

SS: What are your hero products from the range?
MD: Iconic Youth Serum is the must-have. I always say, if you only try one product today, let it be this. It fits in to any skincare routine and if you use it tonight you will see and feel a difference in your skin the next morning and it just keeps getting better.   I find myself stroking my skin when I wake up in the morning! Melting Cleansing Balm is fast becoming a cult cleanser with so many fantastic reviews from bloggers, magazines and newspapers.  It is a balm, that can be squeezed out of a tube, immediately spreads over the skin because it begins to melt, add water and it turns in to a milk so it is quick and easy to use and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. If you wear face make up you can do a double cleanse for a facial quality cleanse in no time at all because it is not waxy.

SS: Describe your perfect skincare regime
MD: Tightly edited, effective, prevents and perfects skin ageing, no faff, honest, pleasurable, makes me look and feel youthful, engages the senses, saves time. That is what I created.

SS: What would you recommend using in your 20s, 30s. 40s and 50+?
MD: I don’t think it is so much about age as it is how your skin behaves and the needs it has.  I do think we should trust our instincts about what our skin needs and recognise that it can change from day to day, not just with seasons or hormonal cycles.  All of MERUMAYA Integrative Effective Skincare is designed to be used at all those ages and items selected to suit your needs.

SS: What tips do you have for people with sensitive skin?
MD: I have had a number of people with highly sensitive skin ask me and then try the products and I have had the most amazing emails and product reviews from them. I say, try one product at a time and see how your skin accepts it. If all is well, introduce the next one.

SS: Do you have any secret skincare tips and tricks you can share?
MD: Use good skincare. I believe that good gentle cleansing is the cornerstone to healthy-looking vibrant skin so, double cleanse at night if you wear face make up. Almost every skin type will see benefits from using a peel a couple of times a week – brighter more radiant complexion. And lastly, engage fully in life, youthfulness is not just about the 36 square inches of face, laughter, socialising, exercising, doing the things on your bucket list, confidence (and when you are not feeling confident ACT like you are) and dancing in the living room after you come home from dinner at least once a week.

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Alternatively, head over to Debenhams Oxford Street Beauty Hall where Chelsea Robertson, Retail Executive from MERUMAYA will be on hand to answer all your skincare questions and offer a personalised skincare consultation. Chelsea will be in store until Sunday 3 November 2013.

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