Have you tried DreamTone?


If you haven’t tried Lancome’s DreamTone yet where have you been? This ultimate new skincare wonder has certainly caused a beauty buzz and women everywhere are hot on their heels to test it out.

Designed to target some of our most common skincare concerns, DreamTone’s ground-breaking formula claims to help with pigmentation, age spots and skin discolouration so you can achieve the flawless complexion you’ve always dreamed of.

DreamTone is available in three shades – Fair that targets redness, Medium that targets sallowness and Dark that targets acne and blemish marks. In trials 70% of women saw visibly a more even skintone in just 1 week and in just 4 weeks 69% of women saw a visible reduction of dark spots.

Here’s some of the reviews from our Beauty Club VIP Panels:
‘My skincare concerns were hyperpigmentation around my forehead, cheeks and severe redness around my cheeks and nose area. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my medication makes my skin extremely sensitive to sunlight causing the extreme pigmentation. Obviously it has been bad enough being pretty much housebound with this illness for the past two years without having to worry about the effects the daylight was having on my skin on the days that I felt well enough to go outside. I had 2 very large dark areas on my left cheek and one extremely dark patch on my right forehead and the extra redness to deal with as well. I started using the Dreamtone morning and evening underneath my moisturiser and after a few weeks noticed a significant reduction in the pigmentation on my cheeks and forehead and a noticeable difference in that my redness was hugely reduced. My skin felt much more fresh and generally more healthy. I would definitely give Dreamtone a 5/5 for reducing my redness, a 5/5 for extremely reducing my pigmentation and would recommend this product to family, friends and consumers’. - Emma

‘I have been using the Lancôme Dreamtone for a few weeks now and the results have been amazing. The rich cream goes on smoothly and it also has a lovely smell. I have definitely notice I have less pigmentation on my face. The product is a must if you suffer from skin pigmentation. I rate this product a 5′. – Victoria

‘Well I have given this product a trial of 5weeks. On first receiving I must say attractive, large bottle of ‘serum’, I have used a variety of serums for a couple of years now from high street brands to the more expensive, and yes all give a good base for my moisturiser and good results so I honestly thought this would be no better no worse. It claims to help skin tone and the appearance of age spots, I gave it a go. At first yes a lovely product , a little goes a long way and smells lovely, my skin felt soft and my usual moisturiser absorbed easily, so far no different to my usual product. After about three weeks I started getting compliments on my skin from a couple of close friends, (Not given to hand out compliments lightly!!!!). I started looking at my skin closely, the skin colour had definitely become more even and then I noticed a rather large brown age spot I have on my right cheek was, yes, fading !!!  Now 5 weeks on the age spot has faded to such an extent that it is easily covered by no more than tinted moisturiser and now that is all I need plus a very small amount of blusher and yes the compliments are still coming, as they say ‘Ta Dah’. 5 out 5 for this product which I shall definitely buy and recommend, I only hope this is not way out of my price range as I love it. A DEFINATE BUY ME!!!’. – Kate

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