How fit is your face?


Everyone’s talking about the new High Protein skincare range by Mama Mio.

What is it? Well, according to the creators of Mama Mio, face fitness can lift and tone the skin just as effectively as the gym does to our bodies. So, whilst you sit in front of the TV get into face fitness and start seeing the results for yourself.

Each of the new high protein products comes with 30-60 second exercise that target those troublesome areas including neck & jawline, the eyes, the chin and deep wrinkles.

My favourite product has to be the mutli-tasking Mighty Moisture which can be used as a day cream, night cream, serum and primer. The ingredients work hard to penetrate down to the deepest layers whilst actively hydrating. Combine with ‘Face Fitness’ exercises to sculpt, tone and lift your face.

‘Face Fitness’ daily and in no time you can have younger looking skin without the need for needles.

Products in the new range include:
Clean Slate – Aloe-rich Cleansing gel
Eye know – High Protein Moisturising Eye Serum
Love your life lines – High protein deep line reducer
Mighty Moisture - Day and night moisturiser
Nexercise – High protein neck and jawline concentrate

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