In the Spotlight…YSL Forever Light Creator Serum


We’re pleased to announce that the much-anticipated Forever Light Creator Serum is now available in store and online.


Our Online Beauty Marketing Co-ordinator, Leigh Grieve tested the new serum. Here’s what she thought.

‘I was very keen to trial this new serum from YSL as I was intrigued to know if it could help eliminate and correct some of my skin imperfections. Yves Saint Laurent claim the three main causes of a dull complexion are surface shadows, colour disorders and lack of transparency, so this Forever Light Creator has been formulated to work on improving the skin’s brightness, luminosity and uniformity. I always can suffer from an uneven skintone and enlarged pores so I hoped this would be the perfect product for me! My skin always lacks radiance and no previous product has managed to bring that extra luminosity.

The bottle comes with a pipette in order to apply so helps to ensure you only use a small dose each time. It recommends applying to the face and neck, day and/or night.

I decided to follow the instructions and use both at day and night and continued ever since. I was told once that to get the most out of a serum was to use twice daily for at least 2 months so I decided to be patient and give it a good chance! I was unsure if using in the mornings just before leaving the house would be a good idea, thinking that I would feel oily and greasy. Not only that but I have quite sensitive skin so I was nervous as to see what it would do to my skin but interestingly it was very neutral and did not cause any redness to my face at all, but not at all. The serum is not thick and so easily absorbed into my skin, leaving it feeling so soft and silky. Even after going to bed and waking up the next morning my face feels so soft and smooth! I feel confident to use even as a primer underneath your makeup. The effects are so instant once on contact with the skin that using more in the morning allowed me to show off my new luminous skin to the full!

My overall thoughts? I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone who like me feels their skin can look dull and just needs that extra boost to lift the spirits! Now is the perfect time to trial in time for summer and leave those heavy foundations behind. Even in a few days I could see my pore minimised and with continued regular use my skintone being more and more even.

This serum is part of YSL’s Forever Light Corrector 3 step routine: Prepare, Activate and Treat/Target, covering across the range of a Lotion, Serum and Milky Lotion, so makes sure you pick up the collection today!’

Buy the new YSL Forever Light Creator Serum now




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