Introducing…The New Double Serum® from Clarins

Double serum

Looking for a serum with double anti-ageing power? Discover the innovative NEW Double Serum® from Clarins.  More than just a simple serum, it is a complete age control concentrate with 20 plant extracts for a more youthful appearance.  Immediately skin is more radiant.

After just 4 weeks, skin appears firmer, wrinkles are reduced and pores are less visible*.

Clarins claims that 90% of women agree that Double Serum® is more effective than their regular serum**.

*Satisfaction test – 197 women – 4 weeks. **Satisfaction test – 126 women – 4 weeks

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Here’s what our Facebook VIP Panel had to say about the new serum:

Sandra Whayman
I have been a Clarins customer for many years and love their skin care products. After dispensing an amount for mixing, my first reaction was that it is lighter and seems less dense than the Generation 6 serum. On application it covered my skin well, concentrating on areas that show my very nearly 50 years! I found that one press was more than enough to cover my facial area. The serum was absorbed quickly into my skin and used in conjunction with the extra firming cream, my complexion looked softer and appeared less lined. Hopefully after a couple of weeks I will look 10 years younger!

Jess Broad
The Clarins Double Serum comes in a well designed plastic packaging in the classic red and gold of Clarins products. It has two halves containing separate liquids (hence why it’s called Double Serum) and a pump action dispenser which combines the two liquids when they pump into your hand. The product is oily but not greasy and smells delicious. A sort of sweet floral scent. It sinks well into the skin and doesn’t leave any feeling of being shiny or greasy. It has made my skin feel softer and smoother. I just turned 30 so am starting my anti-ageing regime as a preventative measure rather than a treatment for lines or wrinkles I already have. However it has generally brightened my skin tone and softened my skin. A lovely serum but may be better to treat rather than prevent.

Janice Smith
This is a beautiful product, lovely to apply.  My face feels smoother and tighter, especially around the cheekbone / under eye area.  The only downside is if you are prone to spots, be careful of it blocking pores.  I would thoroughly recommend to ladies who are trying to prevent wrinkles rather than cure them. Rating 4 out of 5.

Sofia Creasey
I received the4 Double Serum a few weeks ago, I have used it every day so I feel I can give it a good review. The serum was non-greasy, to be honest I would have preferred a bit more ‘slip’ to it as I found I needed to use more than I was expecting.
It is meant to be a double serum but I got more of one side than the other, all in all though I did like the product. I found it left my skin soft (you do need to use a moisturiser afterwards though) and I thought my skin looked more even, glowing, fresher and younger looking. I would give it 4 Stars because it brightens the skin & evens out skin tone, as an anti aging serum it doesn’t do so well. I didn’t see any improvements in fine lines and wrinkles for me so I knocked off 1 Star for that.

Lorraine Dumpleton Kennedy
I found this product to be more than just a simple serum, it left my skin feeling soft, refined and radiant.  I found my fine lines visibly reduced.  I have used this serum morning and evening for the last two week s and I love it.  I find the smell also very appealing and natural. It was also a lovely light serum to put on and left no greasy or oily residue.   I would have no hesitation in using this serum again.  I love it.
On a scale of five, I would definitely give it a 5.

Valerie Myburgh
The serums mixed well together and smelt lovely. It is easy to apply on my face and it also absorbed immediately, which is great as it doesn’t lengthen my daily beauty routine (very important factor when you are a busy mum of 2). My skin feels bright and the serum gave it a healthy looking glow which I love, as I only wear a moisturiser on top and do not wear any make-up. Because you only need 2 pumps worth of liquid, the bottle will last you a long time. A great product to try out! Rating: 4 out of 5.

Martina Caulfield
I have found the Clarins Double Serum brilliant to use. Its texture is silky and when applied to the face you can visually see a more refreshed clear complexion. I would give 4.5 out of 5.


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