Lipsticks to brighten up your smile

Lipsticks to brighten up your smile

Can it be? A selection of lipstick colours that create a contrast so your teeth look whiter and your smile brighter….

It’s true. Those clever peeps at Clinique used a dental colour guide during clinical testing and confirmed that certain shades of lipsticks with subtle blue tones will help to make your smile at least one shade brighter.

Try it and see. There’s eleven shades to choose from in the existing Clinique lipstick ranges that we already know and love, so you can easily find a complementary colour for a picture-perfect smile.

If you love the High Impact Lip SPF15 Collection the colours you should try are:
After Party(Violet)
Go Fig (nude)
Peach Pop (Tawny)
Red-y to Wear (tawny)

If you love the Colour Surge Butter Shine Lip collection you should try:
Pink-A-Boo (Pink)

If you love the Long Last Lipstick Collection you should try:
Twilight Nude (nude)

If you can’t find your shade online, pop into your local Debenhams store and give it a whirl.

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