Love your skin…tips from Clarins


It’s time to vamp up your skincare routine for Autumn/Winter skin so here’s a few tip from Marie Schmid, the Head of Treatment Development at Clarins.

1. Exfoliation is key to invigorating winter skin. Exfoliation is the first radiance-boosting and anti-ageing step for the skin as it will help the skin to get rid of the dead cells, to facilitate the hydration and nourishment of the skin. Also, exfoliation will stimulate the production of new collagen, contributing to regeneration and cell renewal
With Clarins we have exfoliators with two types of exfoliating action:

Mechanical action – through the rubbing of the exfoliating texture on the skin to eliminate dead skin cells, impurities and polish the skins surface.
Biological action – breaks down the intercellular junctions which link the dead skin cells together.

2. Now it’s a good time to repair the damaged caused by the summer sun. Dehydration, skin deterioration, visible wrinkles, lack of radiance, pigmentation  are some of the symptoms that we are feeling in this period, that’s why our skin needs a gentle approach, special care different from the one in the summer and treating these problems.

3. So the next step after the exfoliation is hydration and nutrition. After a summer with the sun, when skin loses water, it is necessary to balance the  hydration levels.

4. Using a serum as part of your daily routine will supercharge the skin and deliver immediate results.

5. A weekly intensive mask to boost skin’s hydration and bathe the skin with a conditioning treat

6. Mixing a Facial Treatment Oil with either your night cream or weekly mask helps to rebalance and condition the skin giving your regular products that extra boost.

7. Night creams support skin during the resting phase which occurs at night while we sleep. Night creams have a higher concentration of ingredients to treat and repair skin after its active phase. Did you know that your skins renewal process peaks between 2 and 4am when skin is rested and sheltered from most external aggressions…so remember sleep is anti-ageing!!

8. The beauty of the skin comes from a healthy nutrition, rich in vitamins ( we also must not forget about quality sleep). Our diet must include fruits, good fats ( fish oil, olive oil) and regular exercise to stimulate the skins circulation to boost.

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