New Arrival: Dior Summer Mix Collection


Witness an ode to summer with the new Summer Mix edition by Dior. Make way for the two-piece: a bikini for nails and cheekbones.

For the first time, nail lacquer and blush are combined as a duo. 4 Dior Vernis lacquers and 4 Diorblush Cheek Cremes. 16 possible combinations. Face and nails coordinate in a game of mix and match. Shocking duos, colour monochromes and more… nothing is forbidden.

This summer cheeks are in the spotlight with an irresistible collection of must-have popping cream blush shades. A creamy, non-oily texture fuses with the skin and gently diffuses colour. Its delicious shades are easy to apply and wear and create fresh, plump cheeks for an instant radiant glow. A new, fashion-forward accessory for your complexion!

DIOR VERNIS, Summer Pop Nails
Nail lacquer is the ultimate finishing touch to enhance your style. On the beach or on the Riviera, it is the accessory that makes you desirable. For this capsule collection, Dior Vernis is available in four sunny deliciously fresh and delectable shades. These four colourful shades echo those of the cream blushes, enhancing lightly tanned skin, and coating nails with intense and radiant colour.

A Mix to Wear all Summer
Summer Mix contains four nail lacquer and blush duos to coordinate depending on your mood…
- Capri. 38 degrees in the shade. Total relaxation under an explosive sun. A lightly tanned body sports a fluorescent bikini. A gold-spiced complexion is warmed by a touch of tangerine blush. Nails, sublime with a coat of mandarin orange nail lacquer, are electric (Dior Vernis – Tye & Die / Diorblush Cheek Creme Panama).

- Rio de Janeiro beach. Protected by a perfect wide-brimmed hat, tanned skin lights up with a hint of fuchsia blush. Highly desirable lychee-coloured nails are dangerously seductive (Dior Vernis – Sunnies / Diorblush Cheek Creme Paréo).

- Cannes. Pouting by the pool with star attitude. Cheeks are bathed in almost sassy apricot tones. Nails light up with a delectable shade of orange (Dior Vernis – Créoles / Diorblush Cheek Creme Bikini).

- Monaco Bay. Sundown: that gentle, elegant time of day. Lounging on the beach, cheeks flush with pink and nails take on the hue of an exquisite sorbet (Dior Vernis – Pastéque / Diorblush Cheek Crème Capri).

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