NEW Five Star Mascaras


I am in beauty heaven at the minute. Two of my favourite luxury brands Dior and Guerlain have unveiled thier latest and most innovative mascaras that get a FIVE STAR rating from me.

Here’s the lowdown on what makes them so special. Hint, hint girls, put these on your Valentine’s wishlist.

Guerlain Le Noir G Mascara
My statement… THE ultimate mascara every girl has to own. The innovative formula, packaging and lash-perfect results make this a beauty lust-have and a beauty must-have.

The formula…Includes a polymer film that prevents the formula from smudging throughout the day. It also contains a cell revitalising ingredient called artemia salina that conditions and revitalises for healthier looking lashes day after day.

The wand…The bristles are soft so it’s flexible enough to reach even the tiniest of lashes.

Point of difference…It’s the first refillable mascara with an integrated mirror which means less space taken up in your make up bag.

Application results…Glides on effortlessly. With one coat I saw a deffinite increase in the length of lashes. Leave for a few seconds and apply a second coat for thickness and by the third coat you can manipulate the curl of the lashes. 

The benefits…The integrated mirror, it’s refillable, it looks amazing and the formula helps to maintain healthy, well conditioned lashes.

Dior Multi-dimensional New look volume & treatment mascara
My statement…A revolutionary mascara that will dramatically transform your lashes especially if you want lashings and lashings of volume with an intensely magnified finish. This is your new BMF (best mascara forever).

The formula…Features a Lash Multiplier serum that contains active ingredients to strengthen and condition lashes so that they start to look longer, fuller and denser. The actual formula is also coated in light-reflecting particles to give lashes a magnified 3D effect.

The wand…An innovative nano-brush made from a mixture of rubber and resistant plastic materials which are formatted in rows of separating spikes so it coats every lash to give a fuller fanned effective.

Point of difference…The specially designed nano-brush and the light reflecting particles.

Application results…I like to give my lashes a false-eye effect and this formula is thick but easy to work with. The brush coats the formula evenly and with just one coat you can see longer lashes. Fr even more drama, apply 2-3 coats.

The benefits…It’s Dior (what more can I say), it does what it says on the tin but most importantly I really like the lash muliplier ingredient that actively promotes healthier and stronger lashes.


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