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I’m pleased to announce that ck one color cosmetics range is now available exclusively to Debenhams.

The much-anticipated range appeals to every one of all ages, genders and ethnicities and offers a wide colour choices for the face, eyes, cheeks and lips so you can create a variety of looks from classic and understated to glamorous and dramatic.

I caught up with make up artists Jody Boland and Hun Vanngo to bring you an interview on what makes this fab new range so exciting.

Sarah Sian: What makes the CK One Colour range differ from other cosmetic collections?
Jody Boland: The collection appeals to all genders, ethnicities and ages. It’s such a modern and versatile collection and everyone is going to love the lightweight, silky textures that glide on effortlessly. The collection is filled with multi-purpose products too.

SS:  What hero/can’t-live-without products should all Beauty Addicts look out for from the collection?
JB: I am obsessed with the 3-in-1 face make-up with SPF 8 Sunscreen, the mascara with twistable brush and the eyeshadow quads. The colourways of the quads are amazing.

SS: What’s your favourite beauty trend for this season?
JB: Coloured eyeliner is my favourite trend and with the range of double ended duo pencils available from the ck one color collection means you can easily re-create the trend.

Sarah Sian: What are your best-kept beauty tips.
Hung Vanngo: Always exfoliate your skin, ideally about 2 times a week.

SS: What makes ck one color so special for you?
HV: For me and I think everyone who buys it will agree that it’s a playful collection filled with great colours that you can easily experiment with. If you’re not daring with your make up you can use the more natural shades or be courageous and go out in full colour. There’s so much choice.

SS: Some woman stick to the same make up look everyday and year after year. What simple tricks or products can they do to keep their look new, fresh and modern?
HV: They should always have more than one lipstick as this will update any look in an instant. And, when you see the ck one color lipstick shades you’ll want every colour.

SS: Complete the sentence … ‘A woman is her most confident when….?
HV: She feels sexy and confident.


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