Ole Henriksen in the #BeautySpotlight


OLE HENRIKSEN is in the #BeautySpotlight. This cult skincare brand offers a wide range of multi-tasking products that calm, soothe, indulge and treat skin concerns simultaneously. 

Created by skincare guru Ole Henriksen, this naturally transformative range offers a spa-experience at home and a truly sensorial skincare regime. Ole’s pro-active and bespoke approach made his treatments and products a favourite amongst A-list stars such as Madonna, Katy Perry, Cheryl Cole, Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Alba, Hugh Jackman and Kylie Minogue.

Our beauty team give you a rundown of their favourite beauty products.

Charmaine Awuku, Junior Merchandiser – I’ve been using the Truth Serum Collagen Booster and have found that it has improved the overall feeling of my skin. It feels less tight and much more hydrated. I have also found that my moisturiser and foundations go on better and my complexion looks a lot more radiant.

Richard Smith, Merchandising Manager – I often find it difficult to fit a skincare regime into my morning routine and the daily commute leaves my skin feeling dirty and dry. The Truth Wipes are a perfect way for me to cleanse and refresh my skin when I get into work. I also take them on holiday with me as they are the ideal “freshen up” after a long haul flight. Plus they smell great as well.

Leigh Grieve, Online Marketing Coordinator – This Power Peel is much easier than any other I have tried- it has 3 easy step by step sections to follow that go further than most others on the market in order to achieve beautiful radiant skin! I loved the scrub in step 1 as it really helped to unclog my pores allowing step2&3 to work even better than I expected. The calming gel to finish after the peel just helped to calm down my skin from any redness which is something I always get after any peel I’ve tried before. End result-my skin felt so soft & fresh afterwards.

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