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Not so long ago I got into a debate with our Menswear Editor Mark Applin (above) about the importance of adopting a daily skincare routine.

He had his suspicions but I persuaded him to give a few wonder products by philosophy a whirl for a month to see if he noticed the difference.

Here’s what he had to say:

Mark Applin: I must admit, I’m sceptical about products that boast of their ability to improve your skin and halt the age-ing process.

So I jumped at the chance to use some of philosophy’s highly-rated skin care products. I mean, it won’t do anything, will it?

I’m 35, have never had a skin care regime to speak of, and walk to most places so my face gets a fair bashing from daily weather every day. I also have slight puffiness and dark circles around my eyes.

With this in mind I was tasked with using Hope In A Jar Original Formula Moisturiser 60ml – All Skin Types £34, Purity Made Simple Foaming Facial Cleansing Gel 225ml £17.50 and Eye Hope Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream 15ml £40 over a four-week period.

For the first week I encountered the novelty factor. Using the cleansing oil and facial cleansing gel was strange but I definitely noticed a healthier glow to my skin. My face loved the moisturiser and the advanced anti-aging eye cream was still in its infancy.

During the second seven days I noticed my skin was noticeably fresher looking and felt cleaner, especially after shaving. The moisturiser felt like a part of my everyday routine and I began to notice the puffiness under my eyes appeared to be softening.

After three weeks the regime is in full swing. Washing, showering and cleansing are now second nature and effects of the anti-aging cream – although not apparent everyday – do show glimpses of gradually improvement every 48 hours or so.

A month has passed and the trial has come to an end. My skin is noticeable cleaner and clearer. And the lines below my eyes has reduced – which I didn’t think would be possible – which I’m delighted with.

Overall, I was dubious about this trial but it’s completely changed my mind about these types of products. I will certainly continue with the regime and definitely encourage friends to do the same. In short, it works.

Top tips
#1  Take care and make sure you’re getting the correct moisturiser for your skin type

#2  Be sure to leave enough time in the morning. It’s no 30 second rush. Give yourself 20 minutes extra

#3 Don’t be afraid to reapply during the day while at work. If you feel you need to, then do so

#4 Don’t go over-the-top. If the instructions are to use a small amount, then use a small amount. Bigger isn’t always better

#5  Allow time for any results to appear. There’s no quick fix, so be patient and your time will be rewarded.

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