Reveal your skin’s secrets with Elizabeth Arden

This morning I popped to the Elizabeth Arden counter at Oxford Street store to get an in depth analysis of my skin using a state-of-the-art scanner.

The scanner cleverly analyzes your skin on five important levels:

Skin Texture

Before you start, the beauty consultant will ask just a few questions about your skincare concerns from fine lines and wrinkles to age spots, dryness, loss of firmness and signs of ageing. Once complete the scanning starts. I must admit, even though I do everything to look after my skin, I was feeling a bit nervous.

So after just a few moments the results were in. Graded from A-C – with A being excellent my results were as follows:

Skin Texture – B which is normal
Radiance/Brightness – B which is normal
Pigmentation – B which means some discolouration
Elasticity – B which means slight loss of firmness
Moisture – C which means severe dehydration

Although I got mostly B’s, I wanted A’s. And, how mortified was I with slight loss of firmness and severe dehydration… very.

This is amazing, it really shows you what lurks under skin’s surface. As a result I’m stepping up my skincare regime. To finish off, the helpful consultant will recommend the products you need to help repair your skin and you should be able to see results in 4 weeks. I’ll keep you all posted.

I recommend this to everyone – it is a skincare must-do.

The FREE scanner is available in selected Debenhams store.

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  • sandra bullock

    i have just recently tried this in Debenhams Leeds. It is brilliant and really made me think about what skin care i was using and how to best look after my skin. I now use the prevage skin care they recommended, its fantastic and my skin feels great. Try the serum, its the best.

  • betty

    This was the first time i have ever had my skin checked & it was amazing. The consultant was fabulous and spoke with such confidence & understanding of my needs and was able to show products for my exact skin type.

    I would recommned this to anyone before you buy any skincare.

  • Fred

    Amazing! I’m not normally into skincare but this tool was really appealing to me- quick and simple.


  • Lafay

    I was shopping in Debenhams Blanchardstown and I was really impressed by the consultant on the Arden counter. She spent time with me explaining my results and I didn’t feel under pressure to “have” to buy something. I bought the Prevage Day and the consultant booked me back for a review consultation to see how I’m getting on … Already my skin looks brighter :-)

  • BeautyFanatic

    I popped in to do this in Debenhams on Oxford Street at the weekend. Its amazing to actually know what my skin needs!!! I’ve been using the Prevage Day Moisturiser since then and my friends have already commented on how good my skin is looking!!!!

  • Heather

    This is a must have and do!!!! I visited the Birmingham store and tried out the skin scanner for myself after my friends told me about it. I have a slightly lower mark on pigmentation but my elasticity was 90 A !!! Purchased prevage face and day which is amazing and going to get the rest of the range hopefully soon! I highly recommend it!!

  • Ronnie

    Fantastic Skin scanning machine, I’ve been using the EA prevage range for sometime now due to my poor pigmentation, but to my surprise after the reading my pigmentation wasn’t as bad! Must be down to Prevage. The consultant had great knowledge of her product range and ensured i was recommended products to maintain my skin. Love my new Prevage Day Cream!!

  • Lauren

    I tried this in Debenhams Nottingham, it’s amazing! It was great to find out more about the state of my skin and the Elizabeth Arden lady gave me some great tips and recommended some products that would be suitable for me. I brought a product from the Prevage range and even though I’ve only used it for a few days, my skin already looks healthier! I would highly recommend this service!!