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What’s great about the New Year is looking forward to updating your makeup look and bag with the freshest colours for the new season ahead.

Thanks to Lancome and their fabulous makeup collection for the spring 2011, you can now treat yourself to some gorgeous new things.

The Lancome Ultra Lavande collection is soft, feminine and ideal for women who want to use makeup to enhance their natural beauty. Created by Aaron de Mey, this collection is one of my favourites and revives my love for the ’70s – think, Woodstock, romantic hippies, disco divas and flower power.

Here’s the low down of what you can find in this truly beautiful collection:

* The La Rose Butterfly blush in a mix of different shades: pink, lavender, violet and peach, which is created mostly our of mineral powder and brightens the complexion.
* The Le French Touch Absolu Lipstick with its stylish appearance is a glam-girl must-have. Available in 3 fabulous shades: Hippie Litchi, Hippie Rose and Hippie Lily.
*Powdered eyeshadows which come in three fabulous shades Disco Gold, Silver and Ultra Lavande. The Ombre Magnetique collection is perfect for the happy shiny days.
* The Kohl Eyeliner available in various shades including Pink Ballerina and Ultra-Lavande
* The lip gloss collection named Ballerina Color Fever Gloss Natural Origin created almost entirely out of natural products. Available 3 shades Beige Ballerine, Lavander Rose, Ballerine Ballerine
* Le Vernis nail collection  available in various shades including a gorgeous Disco Silver

Plus… buy any 2 Lancome products online and receive a FREE gift.
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