Women are age defiant until their seventies


Following on from the recent Debenhams Style List campaign with Caryn Franklin, we’ve done further research and it appears that image-conscious women don’t ‘dress their age’ until they are 70 years old.

An overwhelming 89% of women aspire to dress younger than their years with 55% citing 70 as the age they felt they would be; or had been happy to dress their age. However, 45% of women said that their seventies would be no barrier to dressing and looking younger.

But, it’s not just about the clothes you wear. Skincare, beauty and makeup regimes are just as important for defying your age and the majority of us are now investing more in day and night creams and powerful serums.

Here’s a few tips to consider through the ages:

In your 20′s
Now is the time to think about using an effective eye cream, the Clarins Eye Contour Gel helps to reduce puffiness and minimize dark circles.

In your 30′s
Invest in a potent antoxidant night cream such as Clinique’s Super Rescue antoxidant night moisturiser that delivers a unique complex of eight rapid and delayed-release antioxidants to defuse free-radical activity.

In your 40′s
Improve skin tone and texture in one simple nonsurgical step by using Clarins Extra Firming Tightening Lift Botanical Serum under your day cream and make sure Dr Lewinns Cosmetic Lift Pack is a part of your monthly skincare routine for achieving firmer, plumper skin.

For firmer and radiant looking skin use Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream that replenishes the skin day after day, restores comfort, fills in lines and prevents the formation of dark spots.

Got to try – For even more age defying ideas check out our latest must-haves:
Biotherm’s anti-ageing
The Youth as we know it range and the Best of skintentions moisturiser by Bliss.

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