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A customer reviews our age-defying bra


Before and after

We love to let our Facebook fans and Twitter followers know about all the latest innovations at Debenhams, but on hearing about our new age-defying bra, one Facebook fan was not convinced. She left us this comment…

“Debenhams – with the correct cup size in any bra the strap DOES sit against the skin. This bra also pushes the dome of the breast up and against the strap… I think I see this as less the bra moulding to the body, and more the breast being moulded to the bra. There’s nothing wrong with a good padded, push-up bra but please don’t make it out to be something it’s not.”

We read Emily’s comments but we had lots of confidence in our age-defying bra, so we sent her one to try to see if we could convince her that it was pretty special. Here is her review…

“So I was sceptical. Very sceptical, in fact – the very idea that a bra could refill the contents of one’s cup with a more youthful option seemed like a fairly far flung idea, and I was convinced that it was simply another way of saying ‘shoves everything towards your chin; hope for the best’. However, here I am, eating my words – literally. That’ll teach me to make such promises.

I feel I should start by giving you a rundown of this Bra Crash-Test Dummy: Although I’m in my mid-twenties I’m a size 14-16, I’ve had two children and my bra-size has ballooned five cup sizes in as many years. In short, I am not – nor have I ever been – a model, and this bra has been given the Reality Test.

This bra has been compared to one that I already own that is fairly similar in structure: soft, sensible-width straps, moulded and (quite rightly) the correct size. It’s also from Debenhams. As you can see from the evidence, it’s doing a rather good job in its supporting role. Either that, or my assets are being held up by blind faith.

Age-defying bra review

On closer inspection, the previous Debenhams bra also has the straps sitting against the skin – I would hope that this is a standard feature on all of their bosomwear. Furthermore, despite not yet sporting the Age-Defying bra, everything seems well enclosed; certainly not rattling around in the bra cups like juggling balls in pudding bowls, as the Facebook ‘Before’ photograph suggests. While I assume you’ll excuse the well-washed appearance of my current bra (after all, if you find one that works it takes the battering of a lifetime in a few short months, doesn’t it?), I want to know how a bra can be better than this. So, on the bra goes.

The first thing that strikes me is the comfort when the straps are in place, and the fact that the design and structure arranges everything quite well on its own. If you’re not sure what I mean, think about normal push-up bras; once the bra is on, it is perfectly acceptable (and sometimes necessary) to hoik each breast up and settle it accordingly against the fillety bits. If you have never done this, you probably have breasts like vacuum-packed blancmange – soft, but perky enough to stand their ground. Congratulations!

This bra makes you feel like you have firm pudding-bosoms again, because it all naturally falls into place with the minimum fuss. Overspill? Pleasantly, no. The breast follows a sensible continuation of the bra shape, telling the world that yes, these are real and no, there is no need to stare. If you’re getting the slightly indented Playboy effect, chances are your cup is a little too small, and may runneth over. I had a quick check under the arms and around the back too, since the snugness of a restructuring bra can sometimes create bulges where bulges should not be legal in the retail world… The word for this is ‘streamlined’.

I would have no concerns about wearing this under fitted stretch clothing. This works well as both a tee-shirt bra and, if you can live without lace and embellishments, an evening bra.

Finally, how does it compare, including when shown under clothing? Not a huge alteration, but I don’t believe that this is what we’re going for here. It’s practical, comfortable, subtle, and most of all it works. For everyone who has always fancied that extra, natural-looking lift without feeling like you’re wearing the chestpieces of a female weightlifter; this bra is for you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a Facebook print-out to digest.”

Emily Evans

(Images by Rose Fenge Photography)

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