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A day in the life of Caprice


Caprice at home

Originally from California, Caprice Bourret came to England and made her name as one of the most photographed women on the planet.

She appeared on over 300 magazine covers, was voted GQ Magazine’s Woman of the Year and Maxim’s International Woman of the Year three years running. In 2006 she invested her own money and started a lingerie company – By Caprice – which she runs, designs and models for. With sizes from a 30A up to a 38G, through the range, Caprice aims to make all ladies feel beautiful, confident, sexy and femine. Here she reveals all about her daily routine…

7.10: After I cuddle my two gorgeous little doggies I check my Blackberry for any messages and then go onto my Twitter page @bycaprice and respond to all my Tweets. I only recently started Tweeting and have to admit I’m slightly addicted. I think it is a great way of reaching out to my fans and a way of them having direct access to me.7.00: Wake up and have a cuddle with my two Chiwawas. I always wake up early even if i got to bed super late. I would love to be able to sleep longer but my brain doesn’t seem to shut off!


7.15: Go to the bathroom, brush my teeth with my organic toothpaste from Wholefoods and then put on my Organic Neem Cream on my face. I’m very  into all-natural products and I use Organic everything!

7.20: Go into my dressing room and get dressed in either my Tennis or Training outfit.

7.25: Head to the kitchen and make a quick cup of coffee then it’s over to the gym.

8.00: Gym with my trainer Cat who will torture me for an hour  or Tennis for with my Tennis pro at the Harbour Club. I work out at least four times a week, twice with my tennis pro and I also do Yoga.

9.00: Head home and have a spoonful of Flax Seed with organic peanut butter and take my 51 vitamins.

9.30: Jump into the shower and wash with my organic shower creams.

10.00:  Get dressed for my work day in my black leggings, black top and boots. I generally wear the same sort of things during the day, I call it my uniform! My wardrobe is really organised… I recently bought literally hundreds of these amazing ‘Huggable Hangers’ that transformed my wardrobe so it is now super organised. Everything is colour coordinated and has its own little home. I found so many clothes when I was organising that I had forgotten I even had!

My work day can vary so considerably and can be either on set for a photo shoot or TV show or else I would be heading to the office. At the office, I usually have meetings all day long, designing my new lingerie collections, negotiating margins, going through cash flows, marketing strategies, dealing with warehouse issues and a general catch up with my staff. Office days are always super busy but I love to keep busy so I love it!

By Caprice - Martina Jade
1.00: My lunch is always something really healthy like quinoa, chickpeas or black lentils. I shop at Wholefoods all the time but love going to Crussh for my lunch and generally buy every Lentil Health pot they have on the shelf! They have amazing smoothies too… so tasty and so good for you. I have been a vegetarian for a long time, but live as almost vegan now which I feel so much better for. I do have one cheat day though which is normally on a Sunday and then I cant resist Crazy Homies Quesadillas.

6.00: Leave the office and take the dogs for a walk along the canal. I love walking along the canal around Little Venice, it is so peaceful and really clears my head after a busy day.

7.00: Record a couple of Sparkle videos to let my www.sprkle.com fans know what I am doing.

8.00: Jump into the shower and get ready for dinner at a friends or for an event that I am going to. There are not many nights when I am actually at home. I tend to be out most nights at something or another. I love my nights in when I get them though… there is nothing better than cuddling up with my doggies in bed and watching TV.

11.30: I try to get home by 11.30pm as it’s important that I get time to do my half hour meditation every day.

Midnight: Quick check of my Blackberry,  say goodnight to my Tweeters, have a cuddle with my doggies and then zzzzzzzzzzzz.

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