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Absorbing the shock: Richmond run training diary


Shock Absorber

The End

They say all good things must come to an end and, for me, this proved to be the case come Saturday 20th October 2012, as my training finished and the race began.

Ok, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration and I was actually quite relieved to be able to relax my gym routine somewhat (read: not feel guilty for lack of attendance). So how was it? Well, if I said it was a piece of cake, I’d be lying. However sporadic my training had been, I was confident that I would find a 10K run not ‘too bad’. I used to run quite regularly, after all. I soon discovered that ‘used to’, wouldn’t cut it quite the way I had hoped.

Getting the wrong bus, hailing a cab and then running up a hill to the starting line, admittedly wasn’t the best preparation I could have done for the race. All in all though, I did in fact have fun. Exhausting fun, but fun nonetheless. It sounds quite corny, but it’s hard not to feel enthused/lucky/proud when you realise how many people are making the effort to raise money for charity – even those who have enough troubles of their own.

On the day itself of the Shock Absorber Women Only run at Richmond Park, 1,300 ladies challenged themselves to either a 5 or 10 kilometre closed-road run, with many taking part in support of the official charity Breast Cancer Care.

Following an energetic warm-up courtesy of title sponsor, Shock Absorber, the 5km runners headed off to the start – with yours truly following on behind in the 10km, following the aforementioned energetic personal ‘warm-up’ I had involuntarily participated in myself.

The atmosphere on the race was certainly full of energy, with many spectators cheering us on from the sidelines. The weather was cool and dry – ideal running conditions – with gorgeous reindeer grazing nearby. Well, that’s got to be a much better view than the The Olympic Stadium, right?

Taking part was a combination of serious runners and charity fundraisers – myself most definitely included amongst the latter although, with my Shock Absorber bra, I would certainly say I looked the part of the former.

At the end of the day, although it may have seemed that the distance was somewhat longer than expected, and despite the tender muscles I ‘suffered’ post-completion, I would recommend the experience to anyone – and certainly plan to do it again.  It was fun, rewarding, challenging – and left me with a desire to resume my former ‘regular runner’ status.

My new ambition is to be one of the ‘serious runners’ at the same race next year. After all, I already look the part in my Shock Absorber bra…

In conclusion, I find it quite interesting that I expected the 10K would be a walk in the park and was promptly put in my place. But, hey, at least with Shock Absorber, my bust was too.

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The Middle

While there may not have been much time to post details of my training schedule recently – trust me, I’ve been doing the leg work…

Finding the time to hit the gym first thing in the morning (and occasionally last thing at night) has been no mean feat – but I am starting to notice the difference, in more ways than one.

First up, I am feeling more definition and less pain in my leg muscles – always a good sign. Another area I’m feeling less pain in however, has to be down to the Shock Absorber bra I’m wearing to train.

Did you know that there are no muscles in the breast? An A cup can bounce up to 4cms when running, yet most smaller-breasted women don’t believe they need much support. Believe me, with a G cup having the capacity to bounce up to 14cms, we women all need any help we can get. In the past, I’ve been left feeling somewhat tender post-training. Now, with my Shock Absorber bra, I’m fine – but I do look on in horror at fellow female gym goers who seem to be going without…

To be honest, I am now looking forward to this run in Richmond and, with myself beach bound for a holiday soon, the training couldn’t have come at a better time. So far, I am making a mental note to pack my bikinis, kaftan… and my Shock Absorber bra.

After all, what better way to train than an early morning run along the beach? Forget sun, sand and sea – it will be sun, sand…. and Shock Absorber for me.

The Beginning

For some strange reason, a couple of weeks ago I found myself agreeing to spend a Saturday, in chilly October, running ragged around Richmond Park – all in the name of Breast Cancer Care, together with Shock Absorber.

For many of you, this may sound like a typical weekend – not me. No this gal, she is more at home with being at home come a Saturday morning, comfortably nestled in her bed, dreaming of the shopping she will do with friends once awake. I write about fashion for a living – isn’t this what Saturdays are for?

Not anymore it seems. Rather than heading to the local wine bar tonight, I am instead going home to hit the gym – all in preparation for the Shock Absorber Women Only Run in Richmond Park, in aid of Breast Cancer Care, on 20 October 2012. A simple running test tonight, followed by a bit of a stretch… and maybe by Saturday I’ll be hitting my stride on the treadmill. Maybe.

In all honesty I actually like running, and always love how I feel after a bit of exercise, but I sometimes find it a bit difficult to make it to the gym – will I now have an incentive?Speaking of incentives, for a clothes-obsessed girl, my new sports bra (pictured above), provided by event sponsor Shock Absorber, is certainly another one…

Made especially for running, with an enhanced support system that targets excessive breast movement and seam-free, concealed elastic to reduce rubbing and chaffing, the Shock Absorber running bra has been proven to reduce breast bounce by up to 78%.

Will it work? Will I stick to my training plan? With tonight my first foray into the world of 10k preparation training, be sure to take a peek back at this blog next week to see how it’s going – and how my Shock Absorber is feeling.

See my (planned) training schedule here

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