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Aliza Reger’s confidence tips for women


Looking good feeling great

Looking good and feeling great in your underwear is always easier when you feel confident in yourself. I chatted to Aliza Reger (of Reger by Janet Reger) about how us girls can look and feel our best from the inside out. Here are some of Aliza’s top tips…

  • “When getting dressed for the day you need to be appropriately dressed for the thing you are doing, If you are rushing around all over London on errands there is no point wearing 10 inch heels. A face that is in pain is not pretty.”
  • “Wear the right underwear for the right clothing. If you are going to the gym, then you must wear a sports bra, if you are going on a hot date with a new man, or your husband wear something sexy and you will feel sexy.”
  • “If you are petite get your trousers and dresses shortened to the right length. When your clothes fit fabulously; they will look more expensive, you’ll in turn appear more groomed and more elegant. Proper fitting underwear does the very same job so make sure you get fitted regularly.”
  • “Don’t leave the house without make-up. I always wear lipstick. Even if you are going to the gym just a splash of lip gloss can lift your look. Never ever have chipped nails. If you are personally well-groomed it lifts your confidence.”

Aliza’s favourite lipsticks: Chanel and Dior lipsticks have fabulous colours and quality and the service on the counters is wonderful too.

  • “Perfume is very important. Wear something that suits the time of day, the season, your personality and your skin. Just because something’s new and fashionable doesn’t mean it smells good. I prefer the French perfume houses. I have different fragrances for different times of the year. In winter I wear something warmer with deeper notes, in summer something lighter and fresher. I love anything with the scent of rose.”

Favourite fragrances

Aliza’s favourite perfumes include; Narcisco Rodrigeuz For Her, Chanel Cristalle and Dior J’adore.

  • “On a spiritual level, it’s really important to have gratitude, to thank god, or the universe (or whatever you believe in), for your blessings and the good things that happened in the day. Be aware of how fortunate we all are, there is always somebody in a worse situation who has less. I believe it’s good for the soul to focus on the beauty in nature such as a full moon, sunset or blue sky for example, concentrate on the non-materialistic things sometimes.”
  • “To boost your confidence be with people who are positive, and don’t put you down. Be around someone who is going to give you a compliment and be the person who compliments others. If you give you receive.”

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