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Fed up with the limited swimwear choice on the high street and searching for something a little less ‘uniform’ boob?
Well Debenhams have done their homework and oh my it has paid off! Introducing the Debenhams Ultimate Beach collection…

Our survey* found that over 90% of women admit to varying their swimwear choice based on who they are holidaying with – minimising or maximising their assets accordingly, be it family, friends or partners.

Always one to listen to it’s customers we have responded to this survey by launching a range of bikinis (dubbed the Boob-Job Bikini by the press) as shown above left to right: Red striped extreme boost bikini top, Blue natural halter neck bikini top, and Red polka dot mega boost bikini top – and yes it’s the same gorgeous model in every bikini! The range is created to give women optimum cleavage control through three levels of bust-boosting technology and guess what? It actually works!

The new Debenhams Ultimate Beach range offers Natural, Mega and Extreme looks with a mere fasten of a clasp! Sounds good doesn’t it?

Sasha Nagalingham, Swimwear Buyer for Debenhams, says: “Despite the curvaceous TOWIE ladies bringing the boob-job-look back, women feel their assets should fit the social situation.
“We wanted to give customers a menu of size options to choose from – a cleavage for every occasion!”

When asked about the appropriate level of enhancement on a couple’s holiday, 63% of women said they wanted to enhance their chests without giving their partner an unrealistic version of their natural size.

And who doesn’t like a little enhancement here and there? But as our research supports, what we want to look like when holidaying with our partner or family is quite different to the look most of us (if we’re completely honest) will strive for on a girl’s holiday. In every friendship group there is always one stunner that we can’t help compare ourselves to and that stunner will no-doubt have her own list of body hang-ups – even if the rest of us can’t see them!

Debenhams Ultimate Beach collection is a mix and match range of bikini tops and bottoms in key nautical shades and prices range from £16 to £22.
This collection is a celebration of women’s natural curves, allowing us to inflate or deflate with the option of natural boost, mega boost and extreme boost available in cup sizes 30A-36D.

At last we can go from a subtle lift to a dramatic boost accordingly, plus it gives us that extra bit of confidence for when we hit the beach or go poolside!

Ultimate is the latest addition to Debenhams’ swimwear solutions range which also provides tummy control swimsuits, Slimsuits, and the Fuller bust range.

Shop Debenhams Ultimate Beach swimwear collection now.

*1,000 women were surveyed in this study.

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