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Bad bediquette causes friction between the sheets



Did you know that nearly three quarters of Britons have considered splitting up with their partner due to bad bed etiquette?

It’s an issue that affects many Debenhams customers and our research has also revealed that 78% of those questioned have considered moving house and 80% have thought about moving to the spare room.

Sleep-deprived shoppers admitted the detrimental effect that sharing a bed can have on relationships when asked whether or not they have an extra duvet to guard against a cover-hogging partner. We noticed a trend because of the rise in both king size beds and single duvet sales!

The most common bed offence was the ‘tuck and roll’, when the culprit holds onto the duvet and rolls onto their front, leaving their bed-buddy out in the cold.  Also a huge bugbear was the ‘midnight shuffle’, when one person sleeps pressed against the other and when the victim shuffles away, the perpetrator follows them across the bed resulting in a ‘cliff-hanger’ situation. Snoring, teeth grinding, fidgeting, and talking were the next most common night-time faux-pas.

Steve Lightfoot our Trading Director for Home said “The majority of people put up with broken sleep because of the stigma around having separate beds – they feel it takes the romance out of a relationship… For this reason we are also looking into cushion bed-dividers to guard against flailing arms and legs. Going to bed could be a military operation, but we are keen to try to find solutions for these problems.”

Jessica Alexander from The Sleep Council said: “Research shows that one in 10 couples currently have separate beds; however, one out of five would love to have their own bed if only their partner would suggest it… A big bed and separate bedding might solve some of the problems but if sleeping habits are desperately different then separate beds or bedrooms is the only answer.”

Do you suffer from this problem? What would help you get a good night’s sleep?

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  • Dawn

    My husband is like a furnace, so during sleep his heat would almost make me ill. We rectified the problem by buying a larger bed ….aahh space of my own :)