We’re pleased to announce that the coveted Shapeshifter Palette by Urban Decay is now available online at Debenhams a week earlier than it’s official nationwide launch on 15 June. 

This amazing contouring palette takes contouring to a whole new level. Open to reveal four powdered shades that have been specially created to help contour/sculpt, colour correct and highlight. Flip it over and discover five cream contouring shades which means you can experiment with different textures and finishes.

Available in Light Medium and Medium Dark, the Shapeshifter Palette features versatile hues to suit your skin tone. The Light/Medium Shapeshifter Palette with pinks and beiges is ideal for fairer skin tones while the Medium/Dark is for deeper skin tones.

For best results we recommend applying with the UD Pro Shapeshifter Contour Brush. Use the large fan side to highlight and the domed side for contouring, colour correcting and blending.

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