To celebrate the launch of Giorgio Armani’s new Power Fabric foundation, Giorgio Armani National Make Up Artist, Vanessa, gave us the lowdown on everything about the Armani foundation wardrobe.

Whether you want to know which foundation is best for you skin type or which foundation has your favourite finish, this is everything you need to know…

Which foundations do you recommend for the following skincare concerns and why?

For oily skin and light coverage I always recommend a foundation which has a semi-matte finish.  Giorgio Armani Maestro consists of dry, non-greasy oils which is perfect for oily skin. Alternatively you can use Giorgio Armani Power Fabric which will give you full coverage, SPF protection and hydration without adding shine to the face.

If you suffer with an oily T-zone, I’d suggest using Giorgio Armani Prima All Day Skin Protector as this will help regulate skin quality throughout the day.  It also helps the application of foundation as it reduces the shine and helps the foundation set into the skin. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is perfect for combination skin as is both water based and oil free.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation is perfect if you suffer from dry skin as it is water based. This will give the skin a beautiful dewy, radiant finish. Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow is also great for dry skin as it contains three essential skincare oils which help nourish drier skin.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation is recommended by dermatologist as it is fragrance free and has no SPF.  Surprisingly a lot of people are allergic to SPF! So if you suffer from sensitive skin then this is the foundation for you.


Which foundations do you recommend for the following finishes?

Giorgio Armani Maestro and Giorgio Armani Power Fabric

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation and Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow

This will depend of the person’s skin type, but I’d usually recommend Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation

Long lasting coverage
Giorgio Armani Power Fabric

Full coverage
Giorgio Armani Power Fabric

Can you share some insider tip and tricks on how to best apply foundation?
Always prep the skin with primer before applying any foundation.  The Giorgio Armani Prima range is excellent at improving skin quality and enhancing foundation for an all-day glow.  It is also always crucial to use the recommended application tool to suit the foundation. For example, when applying Giorgio Luminous Silk foundation or Giorgio Armani Power Fabric always use the Giorgio Armani Maestro Blending brush which is handmade in Japan.  This brush is slightly pointed to ensure precision and even application. The cleaner the brush the better finish you are going to get; so always ensure you clean your foundation brush every four weeks.

What makes Giorgio Armani foundations better than other brands?
Giorgio Armani has patent Microfill technology which has microscopic pigment.  This gives a seamless finish to your foundation each time without caking or clogging your pours. The Microfill technology also allows you to layer Giorgio Armani foundations so you can create a medium or full coverage; and if needed top up to take you from day to night. Many of our foundations are fragrance free and are made of the highest quality of ingredients.

Can you share insider tips and tricks on how to choose the right foundation?
My advice would be to always choose a foundation by matching it to the skin of your body and not just your face or neck. I always look at a person as a whole and determine what parts of their skin they often show. When testing foundation shades you can use your hands to try the texture, but always apply foundation to the face!

Can you talk us through the new Power Fabric foundation?
Power Fabric was inspired by the Giorgio Armani black power jacket! It expresses that every women should feel empowered when they wear their Giorgio Armani foundation. It offers a high coverage matte finish without any of the drawbacks from longwear foundations. This is the foundation that really completes the Giorgio Armani foundation wardrobe as we now have something for everyone; from full coverage to a light dewy effect.

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