Perfumes are a classic Christmas gift choice. They can turn moments into memories, spritz an air of confidence into an individual and express a person’s unique style and flair. There is no denying that the gift of fragrance can be a fabulous present to receive, but if you’re looking to take your pressie to the next level, here are some suggestions on how you can make them thoughtful and even more exciting to receive.

Gift Wrapping

Nothing embodies the warm spirit of Christmas quite like a perfectly wrapped present. Having a gift beautifully wrapped is a guaranteed way to put a smile on their face as soon as their gaze meets the gift. After buying your fragrance, you can head over to the Lancôme or Yves Saint Laurent counter at Debenhams to get your fragrance gift wrapped for absolutely free (offer ends 17th December). Now that’s something you and your gift recipient can smile about!


Sometimes it’s the smallest of detail that can make the biggest difference. Make your gifted perfume even more personal by monogramming the packaging. Use letter stickers or write their initials yourself to add the ultimate personal touch. They’ll instantly notice the unique detail you’ve made the effort to add onto their gift. Take this the next step further by also writing their favourite quote or song lyric alongside their initials.

Ingredient Samples

Place your gift wrapped perfume inside a box, and then fill that box with the ingredients in the fragrance for an unique and fun visual experience. Enveloping their perfume in the ingredients at its heart will make them excited to smell the real deal and also give them a hint of what to expect if they’ve never smelt the fragrance before. Plus, your packaging will look undoubtedly impressive!

Scent Card

Engage their senses as soon as you hand over the gift by placing a scent card in the packaging. Spritz the scent generously over a piece of card, then slot the card into the gift box or carefully under the ribbon. This will give them a sweet hit of the scent you’ve lovingly selected for them and an exciting preview of what’s to come.