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Behind the scenes: Be inspired photo shoot


Hair & make up

Ever wondered how we get those lovely glossy model shots that are featured on the Be inspired section of debenhams.com? Well here’s a sneak peek…

Hair and make-up takes up a big part of the morning of any shoot. Setting everything up for that first shot takes time, but once it’s sorted it’s time to get snapping. We generally shoot three features, that’s nine different looks, in one day.  Amazingly the hair gets restyled for every different look giving each outfit its own fresh styling – our hair & make-up stylist Luke Anthony is a whizz (check out Luke’s blog).

Make up

Modelling isn’t an easy job but our Be inspired models are all gorgeous and great at what they do. Check out those cheek bones! After each shoot I can’t wait to get the next batch of shots through to use within our style features.

Every detail is considered from the head down to the toe – our stylist makes sure everything looks as it should and that could mean anything from how the laces are tied to where a belt sits on. It’s her job to make sure you can see the clothes and get inspiration on how to wear them.

Be inspired photo shoot model

Be inspired photo shoot stylist

Head over to Be inspired for the latest tips, trends and style advice.

We’d love to hear your thoughts too. What would you love us to feature in our style pages?

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