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Betty Jackson chats about her new Debenhams ranges


Betty Jackson.Black

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with the stylish Betty Jackson for a chat about her latest Debenhams collections.

Adding to her highly successful women’s, home and accessories ranges Betty Jackson.Black has branched out with a new bath and body range and some chic jewellery too. In fact, it’s the complete kit to make you look and feel beautiful and I’ve definitely got my eye on a few pieces, some to treat myself, and others as gifts for friends and family this Christmas. Here’s what Betty had to say…

Debenhams: Why did you want to launch a bath and body range?
Betty: It’s all about looking after yourself. It’s a lovely thing to have a bath; it’s a lovely thing to actually take 5-10 minutes for yourself.

D: Tell us about the lavender and iris fragrances used within the range:
B: Lavender is very evocative; it also means something to an awful lot of people. I’m married to a French man and we live sometimes in the South of France. In the spring the whole place is just full of Iris. I quite like that, it’s sort of magnificent, and then it’s gone. We wanted something that was fresh, something that wasn’t heavy, something that didn’t linger, but sort of woke you up.

D: Christmas is coming up. Should we be wrapping up something from the range to give as a gift?
B: You can buy something for as little as £6 or £9… and they’re beautifully packaged. We paid huge attention to the touch and the feel of everything and what it looked like so it’s a fabulous gift. I think the mix of products within each separate box is brilliant.

D Which are your favourites from the range?
B: The bath oil and the lotion are great but I absolutely love the candles.

Betty Jackson.Black jewellery

D: You’ve also launched a new jewellery collection. How did it come about?
B: I love seeing people in jewellery. The range grew out of my belief that when times are hard you don’t necessarily go out and buy a whole new outfit… what you do is you buy a particular piece but then you need something to update it and jewellery is such an easy way of doing that.

D: How does the range fit with your existing clothing collection?
B: It’s very topical, it’s very fashion led. It sits next to the clothes and it complements the clothes.

D: What key styles from the range should we be looking out for?
B: There are about three or four big chunky necklaces which everybody’s talking about now… there’s also a range of magnificent rings. You can have them in your bag and put them on before you go out so that you make your outfit much more versatile.

D: How important are accessories in fashion at the moment?
B: I think it’s becoming more important, I want to wear something sparkly round my neck when I go out now. It’s a simple thing to update something with jewellery or accessories and it’s just such a modern way of doing it as well.

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  • Kathryn

    I love Betty Jackson’s clothes. I have had so many lovely comments. I have worn them to weddings and special occasions and I always feel good them.