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Big rise in working from home


Office furniture

The economic downturn has had many effects, not all have been negative though. Some of our recent sales figures have indicated that more and more of us are taking the plunge and either starting our businesses from home or moving our office from the city to the corner of our warm, comfortable living room.

Carie from the Debenhams press office explains: “Demand for home office equipment – compact desks, chairs and filing cabinets – has jumped by over 340% in the past year alone. Our figures show thousands of people who have lost their jobs are seizing the opportunity to begin working for themselves. While redundancy is never good news, for many it will be the push they have needed to take the plunge and set up their own company.”

Top sellers from our recently expanded range of office furniture include, small desks, triangular shaped work stations and, one area where it seems home workers are not willing to compromise, top-of-the-range, super comfy, leather swivel office chairs. A home worker’s chair is their castle it seems.

Comfy office chairschair

Here in the office some of us from time to time work from home and although in theory working from home sounds fantastic we did a quick office survey to see if people enjoyed it or not.

  • Product Coordinator Louise Nicola reckons “There are positives and negatives to working from home. I certainly don’t miss the commute but I do miss my colleagues… most of them anyway!”
  • While web developer Jason Persaud says “although it’s easier to get distracted, working from home does offer a better work/life balance I think”
  • Content Manager Ann Hartland had another way of looking at it “I find working from home very productive but having the fridge so close… constant temptation!”
  • Personally I enjoy working from home and if you have the right attitude and discipline it can be a very efficient and productive way of working the only drawback from my point of view is that I usually get a list of household chores to complete at “lunch time”

If you’ve recently started working from home or have taken the plunge and set up your own business let us know how you’re getting on or maybe share some advice in the comments section below…

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