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Bloomin’ Lovely



This past weekend, in July 2012, most people were getting excited for the men’s singles final at Wimbledon. Fair enough. The thing is though we have to admit that, to us, Sienna Miller giving birth to a little girl was just a teensy bit more exciting…

No doubt a natural fashionista to rival Harper Beckham, can you just imagine how cool that little girl’s wardrobe is going to be? Jealous? Us? Ok, maybe just a tad… After all, style queen Sienna even managed to make maternity clothes look chic and sophisticated – dressing a mini-me is going to be a piece of cake. Mind you, looking over the maternity range available at Debenhams available this summer, we’re beginning to think Sienna mother-to-be chic is spreading… Baby boom? Style bloom is a bit more like it…

(Above image left to right: Vibrant floral smock dress, floral maxi and black bird print dress all at Red Herring)

When it comes to maternity trends and style, gone are the days when women had to endure nine months being covered up in the most unflattering of fashions. After all, just because you’ve got a bump, doesn’t mean you have to bump off your fashion credentials.

At Debenhams, our hot and trendy Red Herring brand offer a gorgeous range of maternity wear, with everything from summer maxi dresses to on-trend prints.

(Above image left to right: Cream lace, silver sparkling heart and dandelion maternity tunic all at Red Herring)

When it comes to the Red Herring range, tops and tees are embellished and patterned, an assortment of designs with everything from embellishment to lace and chiffon. Rather than hide that bump, celebrate it just like Sienna (at the height of her pregnancy, it wasn’t unusual for Sienna to wrap a belt around her bump) by enhancing your ever-changing shape.

After all if pregnancy, giving birth and motherhood equate to such a beautiful period in a woman’s life, why shouldn’t she be dressed beautifully too?

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