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Caryn Franklin on being stylish at any age


The Style List

It’s been a busy month (or two) since we first launched the Debenhams Style List to great acclaim.

The wonderful pictures of Valerie, Caroline and Maxine made a great big splash in the front windows of Oxford Street and it’s been brilliant to read your comments on line in support of this initiative.

I counted 58 comments so far mine is in there too so I’m not counting the 59th!

Beautiful older women with wrinkles that haven’t been airbrushed out are what we all need to see. Why? Because we are powerful consumers who respond to quality fashion imagery. We all enjoy being inspired with wonderful clothes that we know will look good on our bodies and work with for our lifestyle.

Here’s what Coreen Jans said…

“Congratulations…a store with style and good sense. We over 40’s, or I should say 50’s; probably have a lot more spending power than most think. Good to see a business making a sound ‘business decision’ and filling a huge hole in the market at the same time.”

I agree Coreen, June Potts does too, and has been prompted to act…

“I am definitely planning a visit to my nearest Store. Hope you (Caryn) and the Store will continue providing this much needed service which I am sure will encourage my age group to get out and shop again! (Instead of just making do). These beautiful models are a credit to Debenhams forward thinking and positive action.”

Glad you feel inspired June; many of the garments you will find in Debenhams have great versatility, which can be added to your wardrobe to compliment your personal style. Looking great is as much about the styling as it is the clothes.

We chose each of our models, Maxine 41, Caroline 52 and Valerie 67 because we felt they all had a special energy and we could style each woman individually. I love the fact that Valerie our oldest model is the funkiest, while Caroline is the classic English rose and Maxine the most like a chameleon.

None of us need to follow fashion in the same way that younger women do by slavishly investing in trend-oriented looks. From now on, I want you to think of yourself as a wonderful individual and invest in clothes that really showcase who you are.

Best wishes


Read the comments and add your own

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