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Changes to your Debenhams delivery


If you’re a regular shopper with debenhams.com, you may have noticed some changes to our delivery process in the last few weeks.

You’ll be pleased to hear we are improving our online delivery service to ensure every order you place meets your satisfaction.

Here are some of the changes you may have noticed*:

A new despatch bag
Regular email updates on the status of your order
Quicker delivery times
Ability to track parcels

*Please note we are currently phasing in the new service so you may not have experienced any of the changes listed above.

This is just the start of our delivery improvements, there will be further developments over the coming weeks and months. As always, if you do have a query about your order, our Customer Service team is available to answer your email or your call.

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  • http://Debenhams Wendy

    I’m at this point laughing through tears in atonishment at the news update above about quicker delivery times and ability to track things easier. All because I’m waiting for a delivery that should have been received by now the 2-4 delivery dates stated quite clearly on the website in various places.

    I’ve been stonewalled by customer services,
    unable to track the parcel any further than the courier hasn’t picked it up yet!!!
    and no way to chase the courier service as Debenhams don’t chase the courier until 10 working days, even though the customer should have it by 4 working days – do the maths.

    ARE THESE IMPROVEMENTS – I personally don’t think so.