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Children in Need 2012



At Debenhams, we like to support charities that are close to our heart, firm in our belief that fundraising, should most definitely be fun…

This month, Movember, one of our official charities, has seen the Head Office men morph from ‘almost-hot at times’ to most definitely ‘not ever’ but, at least, the boys are having fun in the process… but what about us girls? Step forward another of our official charities, Children in Need, Team GB – and a LOT of Tom Daley.

Yes, this weekend saw the beauty that is Tom Daley step up to the plate to give all, and  - most importantly – bare all, for his country – and its children.

Did you watch Children in Need? If not, you missed out. As Womenswear Editor for Debenhams, I do like to think it is my duty to spend my Friday evenings doing something, well, fashionable. This weekend, however, an annoying bug that zapped all my energy put paid to that. In fact, one might say I was quite ‘in need’, and so, more than ever, I appreciate the effort that Tom Daley gave to his latest public performance.

Yes, on Friday 16th November, as I stayed in bed bemoaning the fact that I was too ill to indulge in parties, I realised that once-a-year, the BBC has a party all of its own – and it’s well worth watching. Girls Aloud reuniting – anyone else think Kimberley is fast becoming every bit as pretty as Cheryl?, One Direction proving they really can turn on the charm via ballad ‘Little Things’, Gangham Style on ice… what wasn’t to love? And all this before I noticed Tom Daley, mid-Team GB street dancing sketch, strip off to his ‘uniform’.

Of course, as much as I laughed/swooned on Friday night, I also cried. Feeling a tad sorry for myself, cooped up at home, I was certainly put in my place by story upon story of children who are in need. It sounds trite but, while we may moan and groan at various issues within our own lives, seeing children as young as 5 or 6 talking about real issues that most of us have never had to experience, yet see them still smile for the camera, really brought the message home. We’re the lucky ones and, by fundraising – we can maybe help give some of our luck back to those less fortunate.

Children In Need’s annual telethon on Friday evening introduced the nation to a family of young siblings that have lost their mother to cancer before they are even ten, a girl who has had had so many operations she needs a colostomy bag before she hits her teens and a little girl recovering from leukeamia, with a smile still brighter than I can ever muster on a Monday morning.

It is shows such as Children in Need that remind us that behind the fun – and underneath Tom Daley’s clothes – there is real reason why we put some fun into fundraising. These children we are raising money for, well, they’ve had enough heartache to last them a lifetime. By sitting in a bath of beans, watching Chris Moyles tapdance and witnessing Terry Wogan do Gangham Style, we help to show them that they did the right thing in fighting. Life really is worth living when we all come together…

And, hopefully, in coming together, it reminds us of that little fact too.

Would you like to join Debenhams in supporting Children in Need? On Friday night we were delighted to receive a mention on the live show as a notable fundraiser for the cause. Help us to make a difference by clicking the link below. 

Donate to Children in Need

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