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Come rain or shine…


Kids' wellies

This wet weather is depressing isn’t it! Week after week and it is still showing no sign of letting up. Those with children will be feeling the same pain myself and my husband have been feeling I am sure which stems from a frustrated little one being couped up indoors, everyday, due to the non stop rain! By sunday we had done every puzzle, drawn every picture and played matching pairs ten times over. Then came a break in the rain…. Us and every other family in St Albans, it seemed, broke free from our homes and ran to the park for an hour’s fresh air before the rain started again!

And do you know what, we had so much fun! We all donned our wellies and rain macs and splashed in every puddle we could find! Chloe thought it was the best fun and even said we were “just like peppa pig splashing in muddle puddles”!

It has made me realise that it is just grown ups who can’t stand the rain- the little ones love it! Put them in a puddle suit and wellies and they’ll be in their element in the rain! Let’s face it there is plenty more to come over the next couple of weeks so best to maximise the use of those wellies before we hopefully get to put them away in place of our flip flops when the British summer time actually arrives?!!

Keep the little ones looking good in a big way, by shopping our kids’ wellies!

Go on… let them make a style splash!

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