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Debenhams Heritage: Vintage style inspiration


Did you know  Debenhams has an exciting heritage that spans nearly 200 years?

To celebrate, we’ve launched a new heritage website in collaboration with the National Magazine Company (publishers of Good Housekeeping, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Reveal, SHE and Company) to show off our fashion history. Discover vintage style, celebrity icons, browse Debenhams adverts and iconic magazine covers from the archives and shop the key pieces for your wardrobe and make-up bag too.

View Debenhams Heritage website

I’ve had a sift through our archive adverts myself and picked out some favourites spanning the past 100 years. Which decade do you think is most inspirational? Have your say by voting for your favourites at the bottom of this post. I’m definitely loving the 1940s and 1950s…

1900 - 1930 fashion

1940s fashion1950s fashion1960s - 1980s fashion1990s fashion

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  • Guapa

    I love Vintage clothing. I wish fashion from the 50′s would have a comeback and not just a comeback but a really big comeback, just like the fashion that we are having now (JEANS). Women before were more feminine and they looked more arranged unlike the women now that just look more simple and rugged. I like dresses that have petty coats. I also lovce the night gowns from before , long that reaches the feet but looked more elegant than the sleepwears that we have now, short and usually does not really have so much impact because it reveals so much the body of a woman. The sleepwears before, look more elegant and gives you the curiosity of what is inside of it.