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Debenhams launches campaign to save the angel



Today we launched a campaign to save the Christmas tree angel. After it was overtaken by the star for the first time.

The campaign launches ahead of this weekend, when many people will put up Christmas trees at home.

Research by Debenhams shows the star is the most popular topper, with 87 per cent of customers favouring it over the traditional angel which has only nine per cent. The remaining four per cent is taken by the fairy, a character that didn’t even feature in the nativity.

Debenhams spokesman Ed Watson said: “The Christmas angel signifies everything wholesome and dignified about Christmas – it is as equally important to the nativity as the star and deserves to be celebrated as such.

“The angel signifies the true meaning of the festive period and is a way of reminding us as to what Christmas is really about. In this respect the tree topper is more important than the presents underneath.

“We are calling for our customers to save a dying tradition of putting the Archangel Gabriel on top of your tree this festive season.”

The campaign to save the angel is being launched across social media today with Debenhams appealing to Twitter followers to re-tweet #savetheangel in a hope to get the topic trending.

Supporting activity will also be launching on our Facebook page.

The angel has been a topper for Christmas trees since the early 18th century, in Germany, when trees were first brought into the home and decorated. The star is a much more recent addition, not being used until in the early 19th century.

The Christmas tree didn’t reach Britain until later in the 19th century and both stars and angels were used. The fairy has only crept to the top of the tree in the last 30 years.

Mr Watson concluded: “We have upped our buy of angels this year as a hope to end the star’s monopoly over Christmas tree toppers and make the angel as celebrated as it once was.”

Debenhams tree toppers, including the Christmas angel, are available in all stores nationwide and online at Debenhams.com.

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