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Diary of a Debenhams wedding


Sharon's wedding diary

You might remember we featured Sharon’s wedding in the sunshine back on our post about the Debenhams Design Team. Here Sharon tells us a bit more about the build up to her special day, and how Debenhams played a part in bringing everything together…

“Six weeks to go and I felt totally disorganised, I was excited, nervous, apprehensive and a little bit panicky.  There was a hen night to organise, a dress to buy, kids outfits to sort out, table favours, name cards, gifts, a hairstyle; the list seemed never-ending. I wanted to enjoy the preparations but was feeling overloaded, having not long started a new job and having two young children, time was at a premium.

Okay, make a list and in priority order tackle them one by one!  Seemed like a good plan so in Debenhams coffee shop my groom and I set to work, however my list seemed never-ending and the joint list consisted of two things, his outfit and the gifts for the guests, anyway I figured being busy would be good for my diet that I was still yet to start!

My outfit was at the forefront of my mind, I had a picture in my mind of exactly what I wanted, nothing too fussy, or frilly and it had to suit the hot climate, not crease too easily and of course be very elegant and make me look like the gorgeous vision of serenity I had pictured in my head.

So I take a trip to Debenhams in my lunch hour and head straight for the wedding dept. The wedding dresses all seemed too ‘weddingy’ for me and then on the very back of the rail, there it was, a beautiful flowing full length gown with such  delicate detail on the bodice I knew I had to try it on, I wasn’t planning on a full length dress but when I saw this I knew it was the one.

I tried it on in the fitting room and the young assistant said it looked stunning as another lady came out of the changing room and gasped at how beautiful it looked. That sealed it! I bought it there and then (got 20% off to which I knew would go down well with the groom). It was wrapped so carefully in tissue paper for me and seemed to fold down to such a small neat parcel you wouldn’t believe there was a wedding dress in the very posh bag they put it in for me, great for the flight.

Sharon's wedding diary

The groom was doing very well with his list, a trip into Debenhams sorted his complete outfit, cream linen suit and lovely bright striped Jeff Banks shirt, brown leather shoes and he was done.

Into the Jewellery Quarter the same weekend and we sorted the wedding rings and gifts for the guests.

A couple of days later I decided to try on my dress at home with my shoes and jewellery etc and also get a second opinion and my siser-in-law and groom’s daughter loved it, but I noticed that on the bodice there was a mark in the material, aghhhhhhhhh, quickly on the phone Debenhams customer service locate a replacement dress for me but there is only one left in the country and its miles away!  By this point its only 3 weeks till we leave for Cyprus and this feels like it could be a disaster but all credit to the Birmingham store manager after explaining the situation he very kindly delivers the dress to my local store on his way home from work, what a star!

So disaster averted and we are back on track ticking off the list now at a rapid pace, hen night sorted (weekend away in Manchester with the girls shopping, talking and having fun) hairdresser appointments booked along with spray tans, make up, children’s outfits and just the table favours to make and name cards to write. Oh yes and I had to work out where we were going to sleep 11 people the night before the flight.

It seemed like a really good idea at the time to make my own table favours!  I had this idea that some frilly lace tied around a scented candle with a note handwritten to the tune of ‘ thank you for celebrating our special day with us’ including the date, location and our names would be a lovely keepsake for our guests (they had paid a fair amount for the holiday in order to be at our wedding) however I didn’t take into account something that looked so simple and effective would take me approx 3 days and numerous proto-types to achieve the finished effect.

Then of course there was the impending fire hazard when my 14yr old son decides being helpful would include going round the table and actually lighting these fancy candles for the netting and napkins to light up too! Thank god we were outside in a Mama Mia style setting and with my keen sense of smell we managed to avert that disaster.

Sharon's wedding diary

I could write forever on this lovely event, which is what it turned out to be, exactly what I had dreamed of, a lovely week on holiday with family and friends and a fabulous celebration in the middle of it joining two hearts and two families.

My work colleagues will think it’s absolutely fitting that I’m on the blog as they are always saying I  keep Debenhams in business the amount of time I spend in the store and coffee shop at lunchtimes!”

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