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Ditch the wife for Wifi!


Sport-starved men forced to miss the weekend’s big matches by their shopping-mad other halves are finding salvation in Debenhams.

We found a huge number of men using our brilliant free wireless internet service to browse their favourite sports sites on their smartphones, while their wives and girlfriends take their time shopping and trying on outfits in the fitting room.

Sites such as BBC Sport, Sky Sports, LiveScore and YouTube are the most popular, with men telling us they’re spending an average of 30 minutes on smartphones checking the latest results, watching video clips and sharing their reactions on Facebook.

With a sports-packed weekend of Six Nations rugby and Premier League football ahead, Debenhams anticipates Wifi usage to be particularly high in stores on Saturday and Sunday.

Debenhams spokesperson Helen Lacey said: “Men are over the moon that they can keep up-to-date with all the latest sporting news when they’re in our stores. No longer do they have to mope around behind their other halves or wait long-faced outside the fitting room.

“The fantastic advantage of our free WiFi from O2 is that you don’t have to worry about having a signal, slow browsing or using up all of your data allowance. It’s easy to use and gives our customers access to a huge variety of Debenhams information and special deals as they walk around the store.”

In order to help all the shopping widowers, Debenhams has created special ‘man creches’ in its stores to give them a place to go while their WAGs shop.

Men can grab a comfy chair in any of the retailer’s cafes where they can use the in-store WiFi to browse the internet for free. They’ll also be treated to a free cup of tea or coffee so they can kick back, relax and avoid being dragged around looking at clothes or having to wait outside fitting rooms.

Lacey added: “The demise of man-friendly shops such as Comet and Jessops means there’s even less places for men to kill time than before, so now they can keep themselves busy on the internet from the comfort of our cafes with a free cuppa.”

Free Wifi isn’t just for the boys, as Debenhams has also made shopping quicker and easier for the female of the species with smartphones or tablets – meaning less time for their other halves to wait around – with the following features:

  • Check for sizes and availability. If it isn’t on the rail, they can simply scan the barcode and order it instantly for home delivery;
  • Ask friends what they think about a product, or see what other customers thought before buying it;
  • Receive special discount vouchers instantly, saving them money;
  • View store layouts to find items quickly and easily;
  • Arrange for bulky goods bought in store to be delivered later direct to home.

Debenhams offers free O2 Wifi throughout all its 172 shops and the largest WiFi coverage of any department store in the UK.

The top ten sites men for men to view in-store are: 1. Facebook 2. Sky Sports 3. LiveScore 4. BBC Sport 5. YouTube 6. Yahoo! 7. Live.com 8. Instagram 9. Google 10. Tumblr

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