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Don’t like football? How to avoid the World Cup



Summer 2010 in England. How will it be remembered? One of three ways I reckon, England’s success in the World Cup, England’s abject failure in the World Cup or England’s almost/nearly/oh so close agony in the World Cup.

So that’s what happened in England for four weeks in June and July is it? 51 million people watched football being played in South Africa. Apparently not.  To find out the level of interest in the tournament we did a quick micro-poll in the office last week. According to our very scientific methods about 30% of people are very excited about the World Cup and will watch as many games as possible, 50% of people are excited but will only watch England and the remaining 20% have no interest at all. So if all offices are similar to our one (and we can only hope for their sake that the are) that’s about 10m people who have no interest in an event that is going to take up at least ten  thousand minutes of television air time and countless column inches in the press and online.

Pretty hard to avoid if you’re not a football fan or like me, an Irishman still bitter about Henryhandballgate. We felt duty bound to suggest some alternative ways you could spend your summer.

An obvious choice is to get out of the house and do something you love and our range of gift experiences includes days out driving supercars, adventure experiences, relaxing spa trips and cultural experiences. Something for every type of non-football fan really. Click here to find the perfect experience for you.

So that’s fine for your day off but what about the evenings when you get back from work and there’s nothing on the TV besides Serbia vs Ghana or USA vs South Korea? Well, why not catch up on some films or a TV show you’ve been meaning to see.  Our huge collection of DVDs includes this boxset of  always-good-for-a-laugh  romantic comedies, a great value triple pack featuring stars Will Smith, Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts. If arthouse world cinema or classic action films are more to your taste, or if you just want to see what all the fuss about Glee is, we’ve got those too!

So your entertainment this summer doesn’t have to be all about football and the World Cup, but whatever you decide to do, enjoy it and have a great summer.

PS – Good luck England!

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  • johnoswald

    If you have got the right package on SKY or any other provider, you dont need to watch football. I will be watching interesting documentarys.

  • Ken

    Good point johnoswald, the games may be relatively easy to avoid but what about football on the front pages of all the papers, on News at Ten, special reports on morning television, constant chats in the office, taxi drivers discussing penalty shoot out tactics – be prepared it’s going to be everywhere. And that’s only if England don’t win it…

  • G Monkey

    World cup 2010, bring it on!
    Come on England!

  • http://blog.debenhams.com Jenny, editor

    I’ll be avoiding the papers, but watching the games I think.